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1 Jan 1970

Poor Knowledge of Chemicals in Irish Industry

A recent HSA survey has shown that the level of knowledge for the use of chemicals in Irish Industry was not up to the levels that are expected and that the development of on-site measures is poor. The only exception was companies directly involved in the chemicals industry. 44 % of the companies surveyed did not record any information on the chemicals they used. The survey found that the size of the company was in direct relation to the level of understanding of chemicals and their management, therefore smaller companies had poor understanding of chemicals and compliance with relevant standards and directives.


If a manufacturing process involves the handling of flammable liquid, vapours and combustible dusts and as such has the potential to generate fire and explosion hazards, the operations fall within the scope of the ATEX Workplace Directive .

The ATEX Directives - 94/09/EC & 99/92/EC are the basis of an extensive and complex, portfolio of the European legislation framework. Organisations must assess the risks arising from explosive atmospheres, develop and maintain an Explosion Protection Document (EPD), classify Hazardous Areas and implement the required Explosion Protection Measures to protect workers from explosive atmospheres. Organisations also face the challenge of maintaining the highest level of safety while ensuring minimum cost.

Pilz Ireland offers a systematic approach to achieving compliance and safety in workplaces in which potentially explosive atmospheres may form. The processes deployed are based on a foundation of effective Explosion Risk Assessment in the context of the ATEX users directive, the ATEX manufacturers directive, and related workplace safety directives, regulations and laws. As each customer’s processes, management systems and compliance status are different, Pilz create a bespoke ATEX compliance and Safety Process for each customer.


A requirement of the Directive is that suitable ATEX Training be provided to all relevant employees.

"The employer must provide those working in places where explosive atmospheres may occur with sufficient and appropriate training"  - ATEX Directive 99/92/EC.   Management, Senior Technical Personnel, Engineers, Operators, E electricians and all Maintenance personnel must demonstrate competence to undertake day to day tasks in an explosive atmosphere environment.

Pilz Ireland can provide a training course tailored to your company’s and employees needs. Contact us for a detailed overview of what our courses cover.



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