21 May 2021

Safety relay myPNOZ available in the EPLAN Data Portal & EPLAN eBUILDER

The modular safety relay myPNOZ is now also available in the EPLAN Data Portal. Circuit diagrams for the safety relay myPNOZ can be created quickly and simply using the new tool EPLAN eBUILD. The EPLAN Data Portal also offers access to 1,700 product macros from Pilz.

Designing smooth automation processes requires detailed planning and design of procedures. That’s what EPLAN software has to offer for engineering in the fields of electrics, automation and mechatronics.

The modular safety relay myPNOZ in the EPLAN Data Portal
The automation process is particularly easy to design with the modular safety relay myPNOZ: You can now assemble your own individual safety solution using the myPNOZ Creator, download it as an XML file and import it into the EPLAN Data Portal. Via a new EPLAN configuration tool, the XML file is then used as the basis to automatically create a system macro. This contains the modules in the correct combination, as well as the settings, such as start type or delay times for example. The circuit diagrams and control cabinet configuration can be created quickly with the help of the EPLAN Data Portal, without the need to select and assemble the modules manually. By importing the file in this way you benefit not only by saving time but also by reducing errors as a result!

Create circuit diagrams for the safety relay myPNOZ via EPLAN eBUILD
You can create wiring diagrams for the new safety relay myPNOZ directly within the eBUILD Free library. All myPNOZ modules can be configured in modular fashion in a similar way to the online tool myPNOZ Creator – including head and expansion modules. Find out more in the video below!

Time-saving engineering thanks to Pilz product macros in the EPLAN Data Portal
In the EPLAN Data Portal you can also access a total of 1,700 macros from Pilz. There you’ll find macros for products from the areas of sensor, control and drive technology. That means the data is not just available via the Pilz website but also via the EPLAN Data Portal.

Pilz is part of the EPLAN Partner Network
The EPLAN Partner Network (EPN) was established early in 2021 and pools the worldwide expertise of 30 cooperation partners. The network’s aim is for cooperation among manufacturers to make system integration simpler for customers. The EPN partnership is based on binding, mutually defined goals for developing and supporting interfaces. The various software solutions will benefit not only end users but partner companies too. Pilz has been a Technology Partner in the EPN network right from the start.

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