Process & Plant Optimisation

Your Need

When you manufacture products for the global marketplace you need to be lean and flexible. You want the best overall equipment effectiveness in your plant. You need optimal operating conditions. How does your plant performance compare with best practice? How can it be leaner whilst maintaining compliance and safety?

Our Approach

Process and Plant optimisation depends on aligning people, processes and plants for optimised values creation. With the highest degree of transparency, we seek to identify areas with potential for breakthrough to a higher performance. We implement and sustain improvements and then standardise the changes within your operating systems and organisation. We consider not only your current plant, but also, your business direction and future needs. As a renowned service provider in Machinery Safety and Process Safety, we also place a large emphasis on safety and compliance ensuring your plant and processes meet all regulatory directives.

What we do

  • Conduct a diagnostics exercises to assess current organization and processes against ideal lean principles
  • Create value stream mapping of the complete manufacturing process
  • Identify business process improvements
  • Identify automation, plant and equipment constraints to achieve lean
  • Create Lean-Safety Concepts for production plant and equipment to support implementation of lean manufacturing
  • Develop Capex support documentation with clear return on investment models to support investment in the re-layout of plant and the increased use of automation & robotics.
  • Facilitate leadership and operational teams in standardizing and sustaining improved performance

Your Benefit

  • Profit from increased return on use of assets
  • Gain from our structured approach to waste elimination
  • Achieve plant availability and reliability improvements with the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team
  • Build confidence and competence in your teams to sustain improved preformance



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