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Your Needs

If you operate a plant in which there is potential for an explosive atmosphere to form, your company has an obligation to hold certification of compliance with the ATEX directives for your equipment. Your plant will have varied safety requirements depending on your processes, procedures, materials and products. Could an explosive dust cloud form in your plant? Is there potential for an explosive vapour or mist to build up? If so you need extensive testing and documented measures to prevent ignitions and explosions and mitigate the impact of any such events.

Our Approach

We apply expert analysis techniques combined with practical experience in implementing technical and organizational measures to help organizations cost effectively achieve the highest level of safety. The ATEX Directives: 1994/09/EC and 1999/92/EC are the basis for an extensive and complex, range  of European legislation. Our methods and audits are developed with specific reference to the essential requirements of these directives so as to achieve compliance and certification. A comprehensive explosion Risk Assessment and classification of hazardous areas form the basis of our work.

What We Do

Pilz will create  a detailed understanding of your plant and processes in order to customize our service offering to your specific needs. As ATEX experts, Pilz will consider local legislative requirements, international standards as well as best practice. We will

  • Prepare a detailed process description for your industrial plant
  • Prepare a Hazardous Area Classification in compliance with ATEX Directives 1999/92/EC
  • Provide zone drawings as required by ATEX Standards
  • Conduct an Explosion Risk Assessment identifying where the combination of explosive atmosphere and ignition sources could result in an explosion
  • Design organisational, management and technical measures to prevent explosions and to mitigate the impacts of sparks and other risks
  • Install required modification to mechanical equipment, plants, vessels and electrical systems within ATEX Hazardous Areas
  • Reflect the existing and planned measures in an Explosion Protection Document prepared in compliance with the ATEX Directives: 1999/92/EC
  • Conduct Electrostatic Audits
  • Select and install practical, cost effective engineering solutions for Basis of Safety

We recognise that production environments within industrial plants are ever changing. We will provide support in the creation and maintenance of the necessary Management of Change, Preventive Maintenance and other operating procedures. We can also provide training on ATEX for Management and Supervisory personnel, as well as technical and operator teams.  We can assist in the preparation of policies and procedures, behavioural audits and compliance when using new plant and equipment.

Your Benefit

  • Take advantage of our comprehensive approach to ensure your plant operates in a fully compliant manner under the ATEX Directives. You can rely on a structured approach to the assessment of the impact of new equipment and new processes on your compliance and certification.

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