User Requirement Specification

Your Needs

The cornerstone of a successful project is in the foundation created by the project specification. A URS defines, clearly and precisely, what the user wants. The URS defines both functional and non-functional requirements, constraints such as time and costs, and what deliverables are to be supplied. The emphasis should be on what is required rather than the method of achieving those requirements. While some organisations have the necessary resources and competencies inhouse to generate this key document – many don’t. This is where Pilz can bring 60 years of experience to ensure your projects start with a clearly defined set of user requirements.

Our Approach

You have the knowledge – we have the know-how. We will build your set of requirements using your in-house experience, process knowledge and project goals. Through both formal and informal discussions with you and your key project stakeholders we will collate all discussions into project specific clear defined requirements. We will often introduce perspectives/topics which you may not have naturally considered, posing sometimes difficult but none the less critical questions. The result being a comprehensive set of user requirements

What We Do

Pilz use a structured process to ensure automation needs are elaborated and specified in a URS becoming the cornerstone of a successful project! You will have a clear and concise set of user requirements that reflects both your project goals and other key project considerations. Full traceability will be provided against the URS for all key project stages, preventing scope creep, cost increase and ensuring all project goals are met.

The URS will build on any previously completed assessments and studies, providing further specialist detail and specification on all requirements. All related legislation and standards requirements will be identified; analysed and all related requirements itemised and listed as an integral part of the URS. Integral to the project will be a Requirements Traceability Matrix. This matrix will uniquely identify all requirements throughout the project, ensuring that each and every requirement is addressed and implemented in full. This Traceability Matrix will also form the foundation of the project quality system. As a final stage in the generation of the URS, all key stakeholders will be involved in the final review and approval – ensuring full consensus across your team.

Your Benefit

You will have a clear and concise set of user requirements that reflects both your project goals along with all other key considerations. This will enable you to move your project forward in a coordinated manner, allowing you to engage with thirds party groups both internally and externally.

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