Robotics Design and Integration

Your Need

You need a partner who can collaborate with you in understanding your requirements, select best available platforms for your robot application and take ownership of the design and integration. 

Robotics Design and Integration

Our Approach

A deep understanding of the robot application is critical to achieving an effective robot application design. VR, AR and 3d models will help stakeholders analyse all aspects of the application including the dynamic envelope of the robotic movement, the precision of the end of arm application, the use of vision systems for recognitions of variables in the process. For Cobot applications detailed consideration of the shared space establishes how people can interact with the Cobot and the methods of safeguarding required.

What We Do

  • We design your robot application detailing key elements including robot, end effectors, vision system and optimized programming.
  • We detail the specifications of structural and precision engineered parts while identifying suitable fabrication and parts suppliers from our extensive local and international supply base.
  • We integrate the complete system under full software and plc control, inviting you our customer to actively participate in factory acceptance testing agains the user requirements and functional design specifications.

Your Benefit

  • Your robotic application will be designed using best available technology with OEM platform independence compliant with standards and appropriately CE marked.

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