Pilz as your preferred Partner for Automation Services

As key driver of increased productivity, flexibility and quality, industrial automation provides you with a competitive advantage. Highly repetitive and structured tasks can be carried out quickly, efficiently and safely through the deployment of automated machinery. This not only provides you with the opportunity to increase production rates but also to increase your product range enabling you to react quickly and effectively to market changes.

Not only are production and operational advantages are a key consideration – safety of machine users can also be enhanced through automated industrial control systems which integrate safety aspects from the start.

Pilz offers a full suite of services for all your automation engineering needs whether it is a stand-alone work station or a complex assembly with a multiplicity of machinery and processes that must work together to achieve enhanced productivity.

Our experience in Automation

From formulating a User Requirement Specification and developing a design, to installing and commissioning machinery, we work closely alongside our customers to gain a full understanding of their automation requirements every step of the way and deliver the best solution possible.

Using our highly refined service methodologies we have worked with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world to devise and implement automation packages across a range of sectors including automotive, chemical processing and packaging.

As a leading service provider we have a global presence with over 30 subsidiaries worldwide providing our customers with a network of international project management and support through local expertise that they need to achieve increased productivity.

Services we offer in Automation


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