Servo amplifiers PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD

Servo amplifiers – the converters that control everything for you

Servo amplifiers PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD

Use the modern servo amplifiers from Pilz as drive controllers for operating the widest range of motor technologies. You can use it to operate all common types of motor, from servo motors to asynchronous and linear motors. The same applies to rotary direct drives, servo linear actuators and applications with special motors.

New: Servo amplifier PMCprotego D now with HIPERFACE DSL®

The purely digital motor feedback protocol HIPERFACE DSL® is now available for the servo amplifier PMCprotego D. It uses a minimum of connection cables between the frequency converter and motor feedback system, so supporting a single-cable technique within the drive technology. Not only does this save costs, it also requires less space and means less work during installation. As an open interface, HIPERFACE DSL® combines the benefits of a digital real-time interface.

Servo amplifier PMCprotego D

New: Energy store PMCenergy SD – Efficient use of brake energy

The new energy stores PMCenergy SD save energy, used in conjunction with the servo amplifiers PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD5! The available brake energy is absorbed and buffered – without mains feedback, as the energy store has no direct contact with the input-side power supply.

So the energy store saves you energy

The energy store PMCenergy SD independently calculates the level of the working voltage in the intermediate circuit. PMCenergy SD absorbs any energy that exceeds the voltage in the intermediate circuit. If the level falls short, PMCenergy SD pumps energy back. That is the point at which energy is saved.

The servo amplifiers' intermediate circuits can simply be connected together, so that only one energy store is needed per axis group. The result is a very economical solution, particularly on larger-scale plant and machinery. Additional modules are available for the energy store PMCenergy SD, which can simply increase the storage capacity – depending on the requirement.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Save energy by buffering the brake energy within the overall system, comprising PMCprotego D or PMCtendo DD5
  • Low heat generation ensures a longer service life for the devices
  • Cost and space reduction due to smaller cooling devices
  • Servo amplifier with lower power dissipation
  • Without mains feedback: the energy store absorbs brake energy; this is not fed back into the mains. Even the mains feedback from the servo amplifier is minimised.
  • Economical solution: the servo amplifiers' intermediate circuits can be connected, so that only one energy store is needed per axis group
  • Open, flexible solution: the energy stores can be operated with various servo amplifiers PMCprotego D and PMCtendo DD5

Discover this new option for processing brake energy and benefit from more energy-efficient drive technology!

Energy store PMCenergy SD

Compelling benefits of servo amplifiers

  • All feedback systems widely available on the market can be connected directly for operating the widest range of motor technologies
  • Thanks to modern servo technology, you can react flexibly to changes in format and achieve higher cycle counts
  • Greater availability of your machine thanks to extended safety functions (avoidance of downtimes)
  • Maximum safety up to PL e of EN/ISO 13849-1 in combination with the safety card, irrespective of the feedback (PMCprotego D)
  • Optimum energy balance thanks to intermediate circuit connection with intelligent ballast circuit, no need for external ballast circuits
  • Individual consultation and customer care from drive configuration to commissioning
Compelling benefits of servo amplifiers

Features of servo amplifiers

Features of servo amplifiers
  • Open hardware and software architecture
  • Quick and easy to learn how to use, clear project documentation thanks to user-friendly, clearly structured user software
  • Universal voltage range from 230 to 480 V (+/- 10 %)
  • Servo amplifiers have a wide range of different interfaces
  • Wide range of drive and status enquiry options makes it easier to incorporate into the machine concept.
  • Precise positioning and highly dynamic control via resolvers or high-resolution sine-cosine encoders
  • Fast commissioning and diagnostics by means of servo amplifiers

Servo amplifiers for every application

Use servo amplifiers to supply your motor with the power needed to drive it. But it can do so much more than that:

  • Positioning (driven from the bus or via inputs)
  • Processing of various positioning sets
  • Speed control
  • Torque control
  • Electric gear function

The available interfaces create openness to allow communication with many different controllers. Furthermore, the functions of the servo amplifier mean that it is compatible with almost every motor and feedback system, and thereby provide excellent control properties.

  • Machine tools
  • Packaging machines
  • Printing machinery
  • Paper production
  • Filling
  • Handling/robotics
  • Machine tools
  • Pick & place
  • Test rigs
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Special applications for servo amplifiers (e.g. strapping or welding guns)
Servo amplifiers for every application


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