1 Sep 2021

Customer satisfaction is everything

It's a declared company objective at Pilz to always guarantee customer satisfaction.

There is currently a worsening supply situation for steel, chips and plastics worldwide. Extended delivery times or non-deliveries may be the result. Consequently, suppliers of plastic granulates have stopped production of certain granulates and colours or postponed it indefinitely.

However, Pilz would like to guarantee supply to its customers at all times, even under the most difficult conditions. That's why we are currently adopting unconventional methods:

We plan to supply some of our products temporarily in transparent plastic housing from mid-September 2021. The specification and relevant certifications will otherwise be the same. These include the safety relays PNOZsigma, the small controllers PNOZmulti and the monitoring devices PMDsigma. The products' characteristic yellow fronts will remain unchanged.

We are doing everything we can to guarantee our delivery capability in difficult times – even if unconventional measures are needed.

Example image of a safety relay with transparent housing

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