13 Nov 2023

New issue: “Mensch und Automation” looks to the future

In the current issue of “Mensch und Automation” we present some of the future topics at Pilz. That's because our 75th birthday is a great opportunity to look ahead. The story of the moment: How do Artificial Intelligence and Safety fit together? And by covering issues such as IO-Link Safety and Industrial Security, we are also looking to the near future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now used quite pragmatically in many areas of industry. However, even if the possibilities seem endless, it is important to be aware of its meaning and purpose, as well as the potential limits. That’s why at Pilz, for example, we are conducting extensive research into how Safety and AI are compatible, if at all.

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But how does Artificial Intelligence itself envisage the future of safe automation? The answer is in our current cover photo on “Mensch und Automation”, because it was created using the AI application Stable Diffusion.

AI is just one of the future topics at Pilz. We report on more of them in the current issue of “Mensch und Automation”.

IO-Link Safety: A standard for safe communication

With IO-Link Safety, non-proprietary, standardised communication for functional safety is available for the first time. We are introducing a complete system at this year’s SPS exhibition – smart production solutions.

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New service offer for Industrial Security

Pressure is growing on industry to deal with Industrial Security. But where to start? And how to implement it? In Germany, Pilz is launching the Industrial Security Consulting Service.

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The right safety locking device for each safety gate

There is a wide range of movable guards on plant and machinery. But how can you reliably protect human and machine? We’ll show you the way.

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