Factory Transformation

Your Need

Automation Strategy for Factory Transformation - How do you get the Industry 4.0 picture?
Whether you already deployed advanced automation systems and need further optimization or are starting your journey, you need a partner to identify which Industry 4.0 / I4.0 enablers will drive improvements in your business. 

Automation Strategy for Factory Transformation

Our Approach

Identification of factory performance breakthroughs using a best of class automation approach is key to developing a comprehensive "Automation Strategy". Value Stream and process analysis of the value drivers in your business is fundamental to our approach. Performance indicators for areas including Asset Utilisation, Productivity, Maintenance Costs, Time to Market, support time used by technical professions. Through such analysis, practical concepts are developed to select best alternatives with clear cost benefit analysis.

What We Do

We work with your team to identify operational performance breakthroughs possible using best available automation approaches across your organization. We will develop a comprehensive Industry 4.0 Automation Strategy  that will provide you with a practical step by step roadmap for digital transformation in your factory.

Your Benefit

  • You will establish a clear vision for automation in your business identifying the critical factors for success.

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