Project Supervisor Construction Stage & Project Supervisor Design Process

Your Needs

The scale and duration of projects for building or re-layout of manufacturing plants may make them subject to the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006.
If your project is covered by these regulations you will need to appoint a PSDP. (Project Supervisor Design Process) and a PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage). It should be the responsibility of your safety partner to ensure compliance while you focus on your core business.

Our Approach

Our experience in large scale industrial contracts and our deep knowledge of the regulatory environment ensures you not only appoint an professional contractor with specialized competence in safety engineering but also a multidisciplinary team to support the PSDP/PSCS. This forms a unique approach to the PSDP & PSCS obligations.

PSDP - Project Supervisor Design Process

Your PSDP will focus on the principles of prevention during the design stage and preparation of your building project. Our primary function as PSDP is to identify hazards and eliminate them if possible before construction stage begins or at least reduce the risk of them occurring. The PSDP will prepare the health & safety guideline, ensure Design Risk Assessments are comleted, issue directions to Designers as required. The basis of safety for the construction site will be determined through a thorough design review process

PSCS - Project Supervisor Construction Stage

Your PSCS will provide the on-site safety administration and assessment functions. The PSCS will be on hand on the construction site prior to construction and will retain their duties and responsibilities until after the construction phase is completed.

Your PSCS will ensure management and implementation of the construction requirements by contractors in addition to addressing any specific issues which may be raised by contractors such as compliance matters. They will further develop the Health & Safety guideline as prepared by the PSDS. It is also the responsibility of the PSCS to notify and liaise with the Health & Safety Authority on specific matters.

What We Do

  • Construction Phase Safety Guideline
  • Health & Safety Guideline
  • Onsite review and organization
  • Safety File
  • Project Safety Management

Your Benefit

  • Trust in our knowledge of safety legislation and our practical experience in construction management
  • As the main contractor, you can rely on Pilz to undertake PSDP and PSCS responsibilities to the highest standards
  • Rely on our ability to implement simple yet effective administration measure to control and monitor site safety
  • Our team based approach guarantees you the benefit of years of experience available throughout the contract through the PSDP or PSCS



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