Robotics Installation & Commissioning

Your Need

You need the predictable and reliable implementation of the installation and commissioning stage of your robotics project. You want minimum disruption to existing plant, machinery and personnel with clear impact analysis of the automation project. 

Robotics Installation & Commissioning

Our Approach

Established project management processes with key stakeholder involvement and detailed risk management and mitigation approaches provide for smooth integration of robotics applications whether simple Cobot systems or complex industrial robots performing tasks with high variability. PSDS and if applicable PSCS requirements must be integrated in the management approach.

What We Do

  • We will install and commission your robot system including all electrical, mechanical, machine and control system elements.
  • Conduct an impact assessment on the existing plant and machinery to optimize the installation schedule while minimizing disruption of existing production systems
  • Secure competitive tendering for appropriate industrial trades including mechanical erectors, fabricators, electricians
  • Perform Installation Qualiification and Production Qualification testing.
  • Provide training to relevant personnel using the contents of the project hand-over file as a reference.

Your Benefit

  • You can trust our team of experienced professional and local partners to implement within agreed schedules and handover a stable robotic application.

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