Commissioning & Validation

Your Need

What value is there in a design that is not realised with commissioning and validation? You need to know that your plant and equipment meet the requirements you specified. Satisfaction and confidence in the design cannot be yours without the assurance of this stage. 

Our Approach

Planning for commissioning and validation must start at the project scoping and design stage. In partnership with our customer, we agree which style of commissioning and validation meets your needs and what part your engineers will play in the process. Depending on your requirements, we can build training of operators and maintenance staff into the service at the end of the commissioning phase. We also take account of the behaviour of personnel charged with operating and maintaining new plant and equipment. The Pilz approach to commissioning and validation takes account of your needs, regulatory requirements and best practice to ensure the service meets all requirements.

What we do

  • We plan at user requirement specification stage the way Pilz or our customer will validate how that the requirements are met.
  • Through our commissioning and validation activity, we verify the equipment and plant operates in accordance with design and project specification
  • We deliver 'fully validated' turnkey automation and process solutions to different industry sectors
  • Through a closed loop with your engineering teams, we make it possible to address problems and  new customer requirements flexibility, at each phase
  • We incorporate training into the commissioning process in consultation with our customer
  • We provide verifiable documented results which are incorporated in to project handover technical files

Your benefit

  • Drawing up of commissioning and validation plans by specialists who are familiar with both design and operation
  • Experience in commissioning and validation across a wide range of industrial sectors including medical devices, biopharmaceutical and food sectors
  • Familiarity with validation of large scale projects and single unit refurbishment
  • Systems are fully documented. We ensure you have full understanding, and the resulting control
  • We ensure that validation activities performed under the scope of turnkey projects is fully objective through separation of design, construction and validation teams
  • Trust in our validation services through our internationally recognized certification in accordance with IEC 61508.



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