Robotics Proof of Concept

Your Need

You selected which value stream and process to automate with a robotics investment. Now you need to demonstrate the technical viability of selected solutions and prove the benefits which will yield return on investments.

Robotics Proof of Concept

Our Approach

Engagement with the customer on the problem to be solved or the breakthrough to be achieved is key to our approach. Augmented and Virtual Reality environments together with robotics simulation tools are used to demonstrate the Robotic concepts. The proof of concept study will focus on critical elements of the application and the technical risks. Can the robot application be reprogrammed with a sufficiently low resource cost to deploy flexibly in different applications. Can the vision system supported with artificial intelligence and supplementary sensor technology identify the target production pieces in a process with varable tasks. Will the cobot mounted on the AGV perform the end of line logistics efficiently co-working with humans?

What We Do

  • We model, simulate and prototype selected concepts and demonstrate robotic solutions to your technical and operational teams.
  • We will compare and contrast the relative strengths and weakness of possible alternatives to arrive at a single conceptual proposal.

Your Benefit

  • You will establish certainty on the viability and expected benefits of proposed robotic solutions and identify risks to be managed!

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