Managed Site Services

Your Needs

To ensure your automation platforms consistently perform at their optimum output levels with minimum downtime you need to provide continuous operational, maintenance and support. 

Our Approach

We provide you with a range of services to ensure you have professional support throughout the entire lifetime of your automation system. Our highly experienced automation engineers can provide support on all aspects from system changes to managing complete automation projects.

We provide you with complete 24/7 engineering and project support through various channels from professional placements, managed services and service level support.

What We Do

We offer the following range of services, each can be tailored to your specific requirement:

  • Professional Placement - Project Engineers, Electrical & Automation, Installation & Commissioning,  Compliance and Validation
  • Managed Services - Project support, upgrades, modifications, post hand-over support, training and maintenance
  • Service Level Support - Annual maintenance contracts, periodic testing, emergency support call-outs and critical spares

Your benefit

  • We ensure that you have the key resources available when you need them for your automated systems to maintain a lean, efficient solution with minimum downtime.



Pilz Ireland
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