Safety validation for machinery safety

Confirm that protective measures have been implemented correctly

The fifth step to machinery safety: Safety validation

With a safety validation of plant and machinery you can ensure that protective measures are implemented correctly and that the safety system is fully functional.

Your requirements

Our engineers check the safety-critical elements and safety functions on your machinery.

Validation in the machine safety lifecycle

International safety directives and standards such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 require you as manufacturers and operators of machinery to validate your safety systems at regular intervals, irrespective of the functional design. It is absolutely essential to be well informed about the machine safety lifecycle and the implementation of the required protective measures.
But how can you be sure that the implemented safety measures meet all the requirements and have been implemented in accordance with the latest safety regulations and best practice? That’s where Pilz's safety validation will help.

Our services

Structured methodology for effective safety validation

When planning the validation process in the design phase, it’s important to define all the measures, steps and resources required for validation. We offer a structured methodology for inspecting safety-critical elements of plant and machinery and for inspecting the required safety functions.

The Pilz safety validation covers the following services:

  • Assessment of the existing design versus the safety requirements
  • Evaluation of the selected components
  • Inspection of the installed sensors and actuators, including their wiring
  • Test of the safety-related software and hardware functions
  • Implementation of function tests and fault simulations
  • Production of
  • a test report with detailed information on the results and recommendations for the required measures
We offer a structured methodology for inspecting safety-critical elements of plant and machinery.

Your benefits at a glance

  • All relevant aspects of validation and certification are taken into account
  • Compliance of all safety measures is guaranteed, as is the overall safety of your plant
  • Your solution indicates compliance with the standards that require independent safety validation

Human-robot collaboration. Safety guaranteed!

For safety validation of human-robot collaborations we use the collision measurement set PRMS.

Pilz can help you to implement safe human-robot applications, with a service portfolio that is tailored to the individual life phases of a robot system. We ensure that humans and robots can work together even more closely and safely. As part of the safety validation of human-robot collaborations, we use our collision measurement set PRMS. This records force and pressure. As a result we can ensure compliance with the valid pain limits specified in accordance with ISO/TS 15066.

To PRMS collision measurement set

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