Safety validation for machinery safety

Check that protective measures have been implemented correctly

The fifth step to machinery safety: Safety validation

The fifth step to machinery safety

With a safety validation of plant and machinery, you can ensure that protective measures are implemented correctly in accordance with the required standards and regulations, and that the safety system is fully functional.

Validation in the machinery lifecycle

Our engineers check the safety-critical elements and safety functions on your machinery.

In a machine’s lifecycle, the topic of validation plays a major role in safety – for both manufacturers and operators alike. Therefore, workplace directives and standards, such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508, require you, as manufacturers and operators of machinery, to validate your safety systems. To do this, it is absolutely essential to be well informed about the machine lifecycle as well as the implementation of the required protective measures.

Following a safety inspection, the question arises as to whether all safety-related risks have been taken into account and solved with the right measures. Validation is the only way of finding out whether the necessary risk reduction measures have been correctly implemented and whether the machinery therefore demonstrably complies with the relevant standards and regulations!

Customised validation – the right level to suit every requirement

What depth of validation is necessary and useful?

Pilz offers a range of services matched specifically to you, to validate your machinery efficiently using a structured method in the categories of machinery safety, risk minimisation, functional safety and other legal requirements. Accordingly, as a machine manufacturer or operator, you can choose between three levels of validation service, precisely tailored to the project and requirements.

Validation method Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Machinery safety



Risk reduction  


Functional safety



Other legal regulations    

Case examples Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
CE marking, conformity assessment procedure     ♦♦♦
Complex installation that requires detailed testing     ♦♦♦
Pilz conducts the testing as a neutral body   ♦♦  
Minor changes to previously validated machinery   ♦♦  
Validation against similar machinery   ♦♦  
Moving existing machinery to a new location    
Re-inspection of previously validated machinery    

Depth of testing: ♦ Basic, ♦♦ Detailed, ♦♦♦ Comprehensive

Details of the scope of services

Level 1

Level 2 Level 3
  • Basic machinery safety inspection 
  • Evaluation of the measures implemented
  • Random function test
  • Inspection of the PLr assignment
  • Assessment of the applied PL principles
  • Detailed machinery safety inspection 
  • Evaluation of the measures implemented
  • Evaluation of the 5 main risks
  • Safety functions test
  • Check that the safety functions and components are correctly installed
  • Inspection of the specified PL implementation (PL ≥ PLr)
  • Inspection of machinery safety legislation
  • Inspection of compliance with the product standard
  • Evaluation of the measures implemented
  • Inspection of implementation of risk reduction
  • Safety functions test
  • Check that the safety functions and components are correctly installed
  • Fault simulation
  • Inspection of the specified PL implementation (PL ≥ PLr)
  • Evaluation of the achieved PL (PL ≥ PLr) 

-Inspection of:

  • Safety requirements specification
  • Safety-related software
  • Electrical safety
  • EMC/RA requirements
  • Noise emission
  • Pressure vessel requirements

Your benefits at a glance

  • Customised validation thanks to three different validation levels
  • Customised validation intensity and level of detail according to your individual requirements and needs
  • Cost-efficient validation methods and expertise from Pilz
  • Guarantee of compliance with standards that require independent safety validation, and specifications
  • Safety and protection due to a safe working environment


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