Factory Transformation with Robotics

Your Need

The latest Robotic and Cobot systems are faster to set-up, commission and reconfigure and typically have lower capital and running costs that previous generations. You need a strategic partner to assist you capture the full value of the opportunities for use in your business and to couple your robotics strategy with automation roadmap.

Our Approach

Automation strategy must align with business and operations strategy. Our holistic and systematic approach helps you to optimize return of investment in robotics with such alignment.

  • Clear articulation of the problem being solved or the opportunity for breakthrough
  • Platform independent definition of production systems and cells for deployment across multiple application categories:
    • Robot systems with quick and easy programming, installation and commissioning for low volume applications
    • Integration of artificial intelligence, sensors, vision systems with Industry 4.0  thinking for complex tasks and tasks with high variability
    • Mobile robots and AGV’s for agile manufacturing environments
    • Use of robots with humans and robots sharing a workspace with no physical safeguarding barriers.

Building success with projects that prove the power for robotics to transform your business.

What We Do

  • We work with your team to identify factory performance breakthroughs using best of class automation approaches.
  • We will establish a clear vision for robotics in your business building commitment for deployment and identifying the critical factors for success

Your Benefit

  • You will have expert platform independent guidance for your deployment of robotics in your business. 

Your next steps


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