Front End Feasibility Study

Your Needs

To assure the efficient use of capital and minimise the risks associated with a project, it is imperative you make effective, sound decisions early on in the lifecycle. It enables best practice in terms of budget planning, resource management and the overall assessment of project benefits and viability. Your need is the best possible solution at the most cost efficient price.

Our Approach

We assemble a team to ensure optimum solutions within budget constraints. Pilz have the capability to assimilate broad requirements and to work closely with our customers on project concepts, examination of alternatives and selection of options for preliminary review. We prepare conceptual designs, giving a clear picture of the project from various business perspectives.

Based on our extensive record of achievement in industrialization projects we calculate design, construction equipment and operating costs producing an optimised highly economical proposal that considers the entire plant lifecycle. Estimates can normally be prepared very quickly to satisfy customers' requirements in the project approval process.

What We Do

Working in cooperation with our customer’s plant owners and process designers, the Pilz team uses our knowledge and experience to provide the optimum technical concept definitions, project standards, project evaluation criteria and generic equipment specifications.

  • Propose options and alternative solutions to meet customers business deeds
  • Create a highly accurate estimate of project design and construction costs
  • Sketch preliminary process designs
  • Conduct initial HAZOP studies and risk analysis
  • Define project scope, basic equipment schedule and order of cost estimate
  • Suggest the management systems and specific project organisation to be employed during project execution by the customer and other stakeholders.

Your Benefit

  • An objective third party view, to understand business process and technical constraints when the streamlining or reorganisation industrial plants
  • With our strong safety engineering culture, we are able to take full cognisance of compliance and safety issues
  • Benefit from an upfront investment to save significant expenditure further down the line
  • Higher project productivity and schedule compression are both benefits that can be obtained from a Pilz Front End Feasibility Study



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