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1 Jan 1970

The New machinery Directive - Are You Ready?

Consulting and training:

Are you ready for the new Machinery Directive?

With effect from 29.12.2009, the current version will be replaced by the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – and there is no transition period.

Pilz will provide support in the interpretation of the essential requirements and the correct application of the standards listed under the Machinery Directive.

CE Marking Services

Machinery which is manufactured in the EU, has undergone significant modification or has been imported into the EU is subject to the CE marking process if it is to be put into service on the European market. The CE mark indicates that a machine meets the essential requirements of all the relevant EU directives. Machines that are joined together such as robot cells and production lines are also subject to mandatory marking.

Pilz will help you plan and implement the relevant conformity procedures in accordance with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, both for standalone machines and whole production lines. We will work with your own specialists through the complete machine lifecycle to achieve compliance. Pilz will manage the activities and processes generating the necessary compliance strategies, safety designs and documents. You can appoint Pilz to act as your authorised representative and take responsibility for the new administrative procedures demanded in the directive.


We'll train you and your staff in seminars dealing with the design, upgrade and commissioning of safe machinery and the current status of the standards.

Our range of seminars on the implementation of the new Machinery Directive includes the following courses:

  • The new Machinery Directive
  • New functional safety standards
  • Efficient CE marking

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduced risk, cost and development time through safe machinery that complies with the standards
  • Avoid corrective actions due to incorrect interpretation of regulations
  • Support from Pilz's safety experts lets you concentrate on your core business
  • "Freedom of movement" for your machine thanks to CE-marking in compliance with the directives

New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

The re visions in the new Machinery Directive affect the following in particular:

  • Machine Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of the newly defined concept of "partly completed machinery".
  • Operators of machine assemblies such as Robotic Cells and Automated Production lines.

What’s new in the new Machinery Directive?

  • A new article specifically defining the term "market surveillance” with clearly outlined obligations on the statutory authorities to enforce the directive.
  • The well known and established standard for machine safety control systems EN954 will not be listed in the "Official Journal” as a harmonised standard. Machine builders must use EN ISO 13849 or EN IEC 62061 to gain a presumption of conformity. Several other standards will be revised.
  • The obligation on machine manufacturers to complete a Risk Assessment is now defined clearly as an iterative process of Hazard Identification, Risk Estimation and Hazard Elimination or Risk Reduction.
  • The Structure of the Essential Health and Safety requirements is unchanged however several significant changes generate a need for intelligent safety concepts and solutions

Experts from Pilz will help you implement the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Just contact us.


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