Servo amplifier PMCprotego D

PMCprotego D - Achieve more with safe motion

Servo amplifier PMCprotego D

Use the modern PMCprotego D servo amplifier as a drive controller wherever maximum flexibility and safety is required! The drive controller supports all relevant fieldbus systems, feedback devices and motor types. PMCprotego D can be easily integrated into existing system environments. This guarantees it is open towards standard market systems.

Even the basic version contains the "safe torque off (STO)" function (on board). A multitude of other safety functions, such as safely reduced speed, safe operating stop or safe standstill, can be easily implemented using the plug-in safety card PMCprotego S. The safety functions are independent of the motor and encoder type that is used. Thanks to the safe motion solution you achieve up to Performance Level PL e for each piece of feedback.

Flexibility is paramount on the PMCprotego: the servo amplifier can also be used as a safe drive based motion controller. Simply insert the PMCprimo C options card into the second slot of the PMCprotego D to create the compact all-in-one motion control system.


Complete your solution: with the servo motors PMCtendo SZ

With the servo motors PMCtendo SZ you have the right servo motors for the servo amplifier PMCprotego D. The motors' compact housing dimensions, low cogging torques and high dynamics are convincing features.

As such they are particularly suitable for on-board axes and for installation in confined spaces, enabling a constantly high process quality.

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Servo motors PMCtendo SZ

Compelling benefits of the control technology leader

  • Drive-integrated safety functions up to PL e with each type of feedback, irrespective of the encoder type
  • Supports numerous fieldbuses, feedback devices and motor types
  • Modular system with two slots for use with the safety card and I/O expansion card or motion control card
  • Low investment costs because the device can be integrated into the existing automation environment
  • Safe brake control with vertical axis in combination with the PMCprotego S safety card
  • Reduce costs by using types with low supply voltage (1x 110 VAC to 3x 230 VAC, size 01-24)

Flexible drive controller – Properties of PMCprotego D

Flexible drive controller
  • 3 sizes with rated current 01-12A, 24A, 24-72A for various application areas
  • Safe torque off (STO) even in the basic version; additional safety functions in combination with a safety card
  • Slot for expansion cards (fieldbus, safety card, motion control card, etc.)
  • Servo amplifier for motors with feedback, such as resolvers or sine/cosine encoders (Hiperface, Endat), BiSS, incremental encoders or sensorless
  • Encoderless operation for synchronous and asynchronous motors up to 60,000 rpm
  • SD card slot for fast commissioning and servicing
  • Communication: EtherCAT, CANopen, SafetyNETp (in preparation) or, with option cards PROFINET, PROFIBUS
  • Mark of conformity for use worldwide

Simple control of any application using PMCprotego D

  • Versatile, as more than 50 feedback systems and different motor technologies are supported
  • Complex challenges are easily met thanks to integrated control solutions (smoothest possible running, e.g. for the medical sector and higher motor speeds)
  • EU standards are met, such as energy saving and safety technology standards, for example
  • Simplest operation and handling for rapid implementation and commissioning


Integrated diagnostics

The servo amplifier makes all information and messages available to the master control systems: 

  • Motor data
  • Controller data
  • States of the various interfaces
  • Error messages
  • Warning messages
  • Motion sequences

Use the graphics tool for graphical preparation of the data.

Monitor the state of your system at all times using PMCprotego D. This allows you to quickly eliminate any errors that occur. That way you save time when commissioning and during production!


Integrated diagnostics

Industry uses of the servo amplifier

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PMCprotego D

The "safe torque off" function is also available in the basic version of the PMCprotego D safe servo amplifiers. The PMCprotego S safety card is integrated in the amplifier to provide safe motion, stop and brake functions.

Accessories for PMCprotego D

Choose from a wide range of compatible accessories. Please contact us if you require customised variants.

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