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New qualification as "CECE – Certified Expert in CE Marking" - CE marking at the highest level

Pilz expands its international training offer with a further TÜV certification: The new qualification as "CECE – Certified Expert in CE Marking" provides expert knowledge about all necessary steps on the path to CE marking.

All machinery used in the European Economic Area for the first time after 1.1.1995 is subject to the Machinery Directive (current version 2006/42/EG) and must therefore have a CE marking – irrespective of the place of manufacture. The conformity assessment procedure that must be performed for this requires detailed knowledge about the required steps.

Complete knowledge, for all machines
The qualification "CECE – Certified Expert in CE Marking" provides the necessary knowledge for performing CE markings on new, existing or modified machines in accordance with the valid legislation and standards. The program is thus primarily tailored toward machine manufacturers, importers and integrators as well as the people involved in the CE process on the operator side.
The training covers the complete CE marking process for all types of machines – based on a virtual machine model, the path from the risk assessment to the application of the CE label is clarified. Participants profit from years of practical experience on the part of the trainers and can directly implement the knowledge gained in practice thanks to the detailed application examples and the participation in the practical workshops within the training courses.

Recognised worldwide
The qualification is internationally oriented. This means that the Pilz subsidiaries worldwide train the participants in the relevant local language and on the same level.
After completion of the training program, the participants take a multiple-choice test. If the test is passed, the participants receive the globally recognised
TÜV NORD certificate of “CECE – Certified Expert in CE Marking".

Setting company standards
The qualification is not just an advantage for individual people: Companies active on the international level can establish the qualification as a standard within the company. They thus achieve a uniform level across all locations with regard to the CE marking process and taking into consideration the relevant standards and guidelines.

With training for the
With training for the

With training for the "CECE – Certified Expert in CE Marking" the participants achieve the highest possible qualification in the area of CE marking.


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