Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Safety

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One Day guide to COBOT Projects


Cobots have arrived to the production floor - flexible, easy to program, working side by side with humans, in almost any industry- does it get any better!
This new generation of robots are now free from mechanical cages and safety fences. From pick and placing to gluing and product assembly, cobots can optimize your
production output across your site.

But what we are quickly realizing is this is not an ‘out of the box’ fix – realising cobot applications require a structured project methodology. Industry needs to find a
way to merge proven engineering and management principles with yet – unproven technological potential

At the end of this course you will have been taken step by step through a COBOT project. The course will follow a structure COBOT project lifecycle covering initial
concepts through Risk Assessment, Design and Safety Validation. This course will ensure you know all of the tasks to be completed to achieve a safe COBOT


Target Groups

  • Engineering & Automation Personnel
  • Production Engineers
  • Technical Personnel
  • Safety Specialists
  • Project Engineers

Training Contents

  • The technology behind COBOTs
  • Standards and Legislation
  • Cobot Project Lifecycle
  • Risk Assessment of a Cobot Application
  • Risk Assessment Workshop (Machine, Cobot, Gripper)
  • Safety Requirement Specification
  • Electrical & Control System Design Considerations
  • Safety Validation – Safety Distances, Stopping Time and
  • Force Validation
  • Administrative and documentation requirements, Declarations of Conformity, Technical File and CE Mark
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9.00 am to 5.00 pm
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