29 Oct 2018

Learn automation technology in practice – with the Pilz training systems!

Pilz Education Systems ensure the greatest practical approach when learning safety and automation functions of machines.

Every year Pilz trains young adults around the world in a number of technical careers. Maximum practical experience is important to us for optimally preparing the apprentices for working life.

We use the Pilz Education Systems PES for our own in-company training. These in-house developed training systems comprise modern, industrially applied components. They simulate the functioning of a plant or machinery. Through this, our trainees, apprentices and students get to know the various safety and automation functions in practical application during instruction.

Training systems – the ideal supplement to theoretical work

As part of the training, our trainers convey specialised learning content on topics such as functional safety or risk assessment. Our apprentices test this knowledge in a practical manner with Pilz Education Systems. These allow them to use wiring examples to implement small automation projects. A fault simulation, e.g. in the control system programming, is also possible with PES. The apprentices must then find and analyse the faults using the diagnostics function of the machine visualisation.

“It is of course exciting for our apprentices to practice on realistic applications and then to apply their knowledge on real machines. We like to use Pilz Education Systems for our in-company instruction because the modules of the training systems are ready for use directly without any additional installation work and can be used in different combinations,” says David Ballau, trainer at Pilz, with regard to the training systems.

Pilz already uses the training systems in the following areas:

  • Sensor technology: Learning to safeguard a hazardous movement using various safety functions.
  • Operating and monitoring: Practical learning of plant visualisation – including diagnostics function.
  • Logic: Learning the implementation of safety and automation functions for control systems of varying complexity, including programming tools.
  • Actuator technology: Simulation of switching high electrical loads as well as clarification of the mode of operation of optoelectronic protection devices on a conveyor belt model.

Would you like to use the Pilz Education Systems to support instruction at your company? We would be happy to advise you! 

Further information:

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