Railway premises

Merging of railway and industrial expertise

Railway premises

From hardware component to the complete safety concept: for you, we have extended our industrial expertise from the fields of machinery safety and health and safety regulations to railway premises. With our knowledge and experience, we demonstrate the same competence on railway premises as we do in an industrial environment.

We can provide support with the safety-related assessment and implementation of standard-compliant solutions for maintenance and repair, as well as washing plants and railway/tram cranes - that's for both passenger and freight traffic.

Access control – increased safety on your premises

For security reasons it's important that access to your production facilities and railway premises is restricted to authorised persons only. Our operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode combines safety and security functions in one system. The devices enable functionally safe operating mode selection and the control of access permission to your production facilities.

This is how we guarantee safe access:

  • Access permissions are checked and evaluated via HMI
  • Individual permission levels for each user
  • Functionally safe operating mode selection up to PL d
  • High level of tamper-proofing due to company-specific coding
  • Read/write and data storage on key
  • Pre-installed, group-based permission management
  • Integrated user management
Access control

Monitoring of crane systems

Monitoring of crane systems

Millions of containers are moved every day at transshipment stations, ports or industrial plants. Onward transport is often via railway. Safety and control are key factors on such crane applications. With our automation system PSS 4000-R and compatible sensor technology, we offer you intelligent automation, which satisfies the requirements of modern cranes. So the process of loading the containers on to the freight train is safe at all times.

We implement the following functions:

  • Cable monitoring
  • Monitoring of individual and cumulative loads as well as monitoring the centre of gravity
  • Monitoring the speed of crane movements
  • Broken gear monitoring
  • Protecting the motion ranges of slewing gears
  • Collision monitoring

Safeguarding of maintenance and repair facilities

In workshops, safety technology is in demand wherever hazards may lurk. They may be conveyors, lifting platforms or cranes; equally roof stands, doors, live overhead lines/power rails. As experts in safety, we bring our proven offer from industry to your maintenance hall, washing plant or workshops. You benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of safe automation solutions.

We offer solutions for the following applications:

  • Safeguarding of conveyors and lifting platforms
  • Range monitoring for cranes, for example
  • Safeguarding of doors
  • Safeguarding of roof stands, by shutting down the overhead line, for example
  • Networking of various sensors into an overall system with diagnostics

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Safeguarding of maintenance and repair facilities

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