Modular safety gate system

Complete safety gate solution with access permission

The modular safety gate system offers an individual safety gate solution that’s perfectly tailored to your application. So we’re enabling you to flexibly combine individual components to suit your requirements: from the safety gate sensor, handle modules and escape releases, to the diagnostic system and appropriate evaluation unit. You benefit from flexible assembly options, fast installation and configuration, simple operation and diagnostics.

However, even the best gate safeguarding won’t help you if unauthorised individuals can gain access to your machine and cause the likes of undesirable machine downtime or loss of quality. That’s why our solution does more than just safeguard your safety gates; it also manages access permissions. This ensures that only authorised employees have access to the installation and can execute commands such as stop, unlock, lock or acknowledge.

The components of the safety gate solution

Assemble your safety gate monitoring system – with access permission management as an option.

Advantages of the modular safety gate system

  • Individual safety gate solution suitable for the application
  • Comprehensive, modular portfolio with numerous combination options
  • Combination of safety gate monitoring and access control
  • Authentication of users with an integrated access permission system PITreader
  • Fast and flexible integration into your installation
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy and economical connection of safety sensors in series
  • Comprehensive diagnostics of safety switches

Our product range: Modular safety gate system

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