International Qualification Programme IQP

International Qualification Programme IQP

Follow your individual qualification path for even more success by professional development.

With our qualification programme you can build up your knowledge gradually and continue training up to the required degree of qualification. Our training courses are divided into four levels – from introduction level to expert certification. You can enter on the required level at any time, and many training courses build on one another as regards content.

You can find all the information about the levels on this page. Recommendations for qualification paths can be found with the relevant training.

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Qualification path

Level: Entry level

Level: Introduction

You can attend the trainings on this level without special prior knowledge in the respective subject area. You receive an introduction to the topic, then you have a good overview and you can specialise further after then and participate in training courses of the following levels. On the entry level we also offer Web-based training for self-study.

Level: Basics

Level: Fundamental

On this level we provide all the relevant basics to achieve a good technical understanding. This is not just the pure basics, but on this level we also offer less complex topics. They are dealt with in self-contained subjects and they serve as a basis for further qualification on the "Advanced" level.

Level: Advanced

Level: Advanced

If you already have good knowledge and experience in a subject area, our offer on an Advanced level is exactly what you need. To achieve the qualification for trainings on this level, you can attend courses from the Entry or Basics level in advance. Here you can deepen your knowledge and expand your professional skills in key areas.

Level: Expert

Level: Expert

For the step to the absolute expert in a subject area we recommend this highest qualification step. With the relevant professional experience or participation in trainings of the three previous levels, you find comprehensive specialist knowledge at an expert level. Additionally, all the qualifications are always confirmed and certified by an acknowledged test organisation.

Special trainings

In addition to the trainings at different levels we offer courses in many areas that provide a deeper insight into a specific topic. Specialist knowledge for specialists and aspiring specialists.


We offer this qualification programme worldwide. Many of our trainings are internationally consistent and they can be attended with all the Pilz subsidiaries. On request, we offer them also in other countries. This way you give the company a worldwide qualification level.

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