One-stop shop: DRA – FAT – SAT Service for machine compliance

Design risk assessment (DRA) - factory acceptance test (FAT) and site acceptance test (SAT)

Machine compliance and acceptance

When designing, manufacturing and supplying plant and machinery there are various legal and normative requirements underlying the key phases. That's why at these moments it is absolutely essential to ensure conformity with the legal requirements, before the plant/machinery is transferred to the next phase.

Legal provisions vary from country to country, or even from region to region. Whether you're a machine manufacturer or operator, Pilz can help you implement laws, directives and standards worldwide.

We ensure that your machines meet the respective legal requirements in all key phases.

The right services for your requirement

Your requirements

You have to meet a variety of legal requirements

As a machine operator you import machinery from all over the world and so are confronted with complex health and safety requirements when you install machines in your plant.
As a machine manufacturer you want to supply to regions with different legal requirements and so need to consider the conformity requirements in all phases of engineering, even before your machine is designed.

Want to be sure that you meet the conformity requirements of a specific country or region?

Want to import or export plant or machinery and need a service partner to help you interpret the applicable directives and standards? We’d be happy to support you during the whole DRA-FAT-SAT process.

Our services

Safety for human and machine

In our integrated DRA – FAT – SAT process we can apply our proven expertise from our comprehensive services portfolio. By involving us at an early phase of the project you will minimise the hazard risk for human and machine.

Optimum safety and cost-savings

We will accompany you throughout the whole lifecycle of your plant and machinery, so ensuring optimum safety and low costs.

This applies from the risk assessment in the design phase to acceptance at the manufacturer’s and acceptance of the machine on site. That way we can guarantee that your machines are safe and compliant in each phase.

Your benefits at a glance

Our structured DRA – FAT – SAT process includes support for interpreting and applying standards and directives worldwide. In the design process we advise you on all the requirements of the relevant standards and directives and how these can be met with optimum costs and maximum possible safety. And we will accompany your project in all its phases, whether the machine has just been manufactured or is already in use.

  • Our structured DRA-FAT-SAT process will save you time and money
  • You can rely on our expertise because we’ll help you to interpret and apply standards and directives
  • Guarantee legal certainty thanks to our advice on the requirements of the relevant standards and directives and the implementation of these requirements
  • Benefit from the many years of experience of our international compliance experts in Pilz subsidiaries all over the world
  • Pilz procedures are standardised internationally. Not only will you save time and money but you’ll also benefit from the same services and procedures, including standardised documents, all over the world. That provides consistency and transparency
Benefits to you

You too can benefit from these services

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