Functional Specification

Functional Specification: Your Needs


A functional design specification (FDS) or functional specification (FS) describes the technical solution which will be implemented to meet the project user requirements.  This specification is the link between the user and the detailed engineering phase and provides the user and subsequent the project team with clear direction on system architectures, hardware platforms and software systems which will be used. The FDS also expands on the system functionality – taking high level functional requirements from the user requirements and expanding to specific functional details which will enable both software and hardware team to progress to detailed design and implementation.

Functional Specification: Our Approach

This Functional Design Specification will be produced to provide a detailed description of the new automation system in terms of the functions it will perform. This document will cover physical as well as functional aspects of the project scope. This specification will form the basis for the entire automation upgrade project and must be reviewed and approved by key project stakeholders. All design documentation and deliveries will be generated out of the requirements of this specification.

In general terms, the functional specification states what the proposed system is to do, whereas design is how the system is to be constructed to meet the functional specification. In writing it, Pilz will also some consideration of design issues must take place, to ensure a realistic system is specified. We ensure that the FDS becomes a milestone on the project plan both for initial generation and approval but also to cater for any project changes. 

Functional Specification: What We Do

Pilz will take full ownership for the generation of the FDS, ensuring that all user requirements are captured . Once generated we will coordinate the distribution, review and approval process with all project stakeholders. We will also carry out a financial health check on your project prior to full FDS approval, thus will ensure that all technologies and technical solutions included fall within project budget boundaries. 

Functional Specification: Your Benefit

This approach will provide you with a clearly defined Functional Design Specification which captures all user requirements, ensures all technical solution are within budget expectations and ensures full consistency across all project stakeholders and team members. This FDS will be the primary source of direction and clarity for all subsequent design stages. 

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