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Automation with Collaborative Robots

Collaborative Robots have the potential to redefine Automated Industrial applications. Expert analysis of the Technological, Organizational and Personnel factors are critical to the successful design of Cobot systems in industry. Highly repetitive and structured tasks can be carried out quickly, efficiently and safely through the integration of automated machinery with such technology. Properly selected cobots can assist human operators in performance of tasks in workplace environments impacted by contaminants, by repetition, by exposure to noise and other physical agents, benefitting the wellness of production operators. Breakthroughs in productivity are achieved through safe application design allowing for the appropriate reduction or removal of mechanical guarding / safety fences.  Pilz will partner you on your journey from the initial analysis of your application, through the engineering of compliant, safe and productive solutions.

Pilz' experience in Automation with Collaborative Robots

Through our highly refined safety engineering service methodologies we have worked with some of the biggest manufacturers in the world to devise and implement automation packages across a range of sectors comprising automotive, medical-technology and packaging.

Our global network of safety specialists contributed to the development of regional and local standards which guide the practical Pilz approach to achieving compliance and safety requirements.

Coupling Pilz automation experience and standards knowledge Pilz brings recognised competence to the development and implementation of safe Collaborative Robot applications.

Services that we offer in Collaborative Robots

  • We document the most important factors of your Collaborative Robot and prepare concepts for safe collaborative robot applications
  • We support the design of work activities and organisation to optimise the benefits of deployment of Collaborative Robots
  • We guide the selection best available solutions for successful deployment of industrial Collaborative Robots and associates automation and safety systems.
  • We conduct Risk Assessments in compliance with the latest international standards and technical specifications including ISO 10218 and ISO/TS 15066
  • We will categorise the system in accordance with the applicable standards to define the collaborative method and the essential requirements of the standards
  • We will develop the mechatronic designs to fast and reliable implementation
  • Validation of installation including as applicable collision force measurements
  • CE marking of Collaborative Robot cell

Collaborative Robotic Services: Your benefits at a glance

  • Gain from a range of tailored services combining practical automation experience with expert knowledge of Collaborative Robotics Safety.
  • Standard-compliant safety solutions in accordance with EN ISO 10218
  • Benefit from the knowledge of standards built through our active participation in the international standards development working groups
  • Profit from the experience of our active cooperation with leading research centres
  • CE marking from safety experts
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Telephone: +61 3 9560 0621