Economical test systems: No Stop, just go!

The automated test system from Brainware Solutions tests door trims at an automotive supplier. They are part of the production line, the shortest possible test time is the top priority: only 23 seconds are envisaged for alternately loading and unloading the untested and tested door trims, plus the test itself. The requirement: to guarantee a fast-running test routine, in which operators have unobstructed, safe access to both test system racks, so they can be loaded and unloaded in time. In this case, the safety laser scanner PSENscan, combined with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, offers effective but not obstructive protection, so enabling minimum test times.

"Ingeniously simple" solution

The challenge: the rear access areas also have to be protected. On their own, however, the pair of safety light curtains provided did not offer rear access protection. The solution: a safety laser scanner PSENscan is added to the safety concept. Installed centrally underneath the test system racks, it permanently scans a defined safety zone and now provides reliable protection for the rear access area also. Combined with the safe configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, which is installed in the control cabinet, operators along with their direction of movement are reliably and safely detected, so they can focus on their inspection task safely, without restrictions. Today the test cycle is around a third faster, which has increased plant productivity.

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The benefits at a glance:

  • The length of the test cycle has been reduced by a third, increasing productivity significantly
  • Secure protection, even for rear access areas: operators can focus on their task unrestricted, without disruptive safety fences and enclosures
  • Intelligent, user-friendly operating concept ensures that the test system runs quickly and economically

Customer statement

Initially we thought about classic zone monitoring. As we have been using Pilz products and solutions for more than ten years and Pilz is a reliable system partner, it made sense to develop a solution together. Pilz has taken us a giant step forwards with this ingeniously simple and totally convincing solution.

Udo Jebok, Project Manager at Brainware Solutions

About Brainware Solutions GmbH

The medium-sized enterprise Brainware Solutions GmbH has around 45 employees and specialises in the manufacture of automated test systems. It serves more than 100 customers in over 30 countries. The company is based in Chemnitz and offers customised high-end systems, particularly in the fields of industrial image processing, cable harness testing, assembly inspection and 2D / 3D measurement. As a complete automation supplier, Brainware Solutions not only manufactures systems, but also develops the necessary software.

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