Electrical Design

Electrical Design: Your Needs


As part of your automation projects you need to ensure that full electrical design is completed for all new areas within the project scope as well as integration to existing electrical and control systems. You will need to ensure that once your system integrator/automation system suppliers leaves site, that you are left with a fully functional, well designed system that is supported by electrical documentation for your production and maintenance teams.

Electrical Design: Our Approach

We don’t just get your system to work, we engineer your automation systems ensuring that all the latest technologies, both hardware and software are utilised, ensuring future-proof installations. No matter what the status of your existing electrical & automation system documentation, we provide a full range of electrical documentation ensuring that all reference documents comply with all related Australian and International Standards and industry best practice

Electrical Design: Our Approach

Based on your project requirements, we will discuss your team to propose and agree the best automation platforms and hardware architectures that best meet the project needs. We will propose both hardware and software solutions that incorporate existing SCADA & PLC platforms onsite, current engineering, maintenance competencies and existing site standards.

The Pilz team will then progress to a detailed design, generating the following range of documentation:

  • Electrical schematics
  • I/O Schedules
  • Hardware Design Specifications
  • Panel layouts and General Arrangement drawings
  • Loop drawings
  • Integration schematics (detailing integration to current system)
  • Bill of materials
  • Cable Schedules
  • Containment Specification
  • Critical spares list 

Electrical Design: Your Benefit

The result will be a fully engineered and fully documented automation system, providing full functionality to meet your operational requirements but also fully maintainable by your in-house team.

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