13 May 2022

New system release for the automation system PSS 4000 1.23.2

An overview of the most important new functions

Recording of process data for enhanced troubleshooting

A controller uses the tracing function to record its process data and saves it on the SD card. This simplifies troubleshooting and enables you to track the chronological sequence of variable values (e.g. brake curves). That helps you to optimise your processes. You can view the recorded variable values via the PASscope tool. With the new release, PASscope is installed automatically with PAS4000. The tracing function is available on the devices PSSu H PLC2 FS SN SD(-T) and PSSu H FS2 SN SD (-T), as well as with PSS 4000 firmware from Version 1.23.0.

SafetyNET p communication is configurable

The real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p is used to transfer process data between PSS 4000 devices. You can now configure the response time or network load of SafetyNET p communication in PAS4000. Optimisation of the network load improves the scalability of the PSS 4000 system, for example.

New software block: FS_MSO_PITreader_Visu

The block FS_MSO_PITreader_Visu is used to control and monitor a selection device (Pilz operator terminals with visualisation software PASvisu) in conjunction with PITreader to control access permission. The safety functions required for the selected operating mode (e.g. light curtains or safety gates) must be activated after the block is called in PAS4000. The block's main functions are:

  • To read the checked permission from the PITreader (security ID, permission, error status)
  • To control the display and operator elements on the visualisation system
  • To read and check the data from the visualisation system
  • To output data to the visualisation system
  • To generate and output diagnostic messages
  • To output the mode of safe operation (MSO)

Automatic project licensing

Projects can now be licensed automatically when the projects are downloaded. If this option is selected, it is no longer necessary to license the project manually after the project has been changed. The prerequisite is that the project must have already been licensed once manually and there must be sufficient project credit (PASunits) available.

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New system release for the automation system PSS 4000 1.23
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