Safe use of automated guided vehicles and automated guided vehicle systems

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The use of automated guided vehicles (AGV), automated guided vehicle systems (AGV systems) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) is becoming increasingly significant. This is particularly true as they become more autonomous, flexible and independent of the fixed infrastructure in which they are operated.
This training provides a comprehensive insight into the correct operation of AGV / AGV systems in the workplace. You'll receive all the information you need about the essential safety requirements for AGV.
As part of the training course you’ll also receive a detailed overview of the functionality of AGV, AGV systems and AMR as well as the resulting risk when one or more AGV or AMR are integrated into an existing system. The risks relating to this type of system differ from those of conventional machinery, particularly due to their mobile characteristics. So in the training course you will also learn typical risk reduction measures and ways to use the most varied range of safety strategies.

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Legal frameworks

  • Introduction to the terminology / definitions and legal frameworks as well as standards and safety aspects relevant for AGV
  • Laws and standards that apply specifically to AGV:
    • ISO 3691-4 and EN 1175
    • Correlation between the standards
  • Risk reduction
  • Roles and responsibilities of manufacturers, robot integrators and operators

Automated guided vehicles (AGV)

  • Significant hazards from AGV, including the corresponding requirements from AGV-specific standards:
    • Intended use of AGV
    • Navigation and collision avoidance
    • Drive system
    • Safety-related parts of the control system
    • Electrical safety
    • Other hazards
  • Safeguarding movements and load handling on AGV:
    • Safety measures to reduce hazards and safeguarding requirements
    • Use of laser scanners and other devices to detect persons/objects and their functionality
    • Verification requirements

Network of automated guided vehicles (AGV)

  • Safety requirements when using an AGV in accordance with ISO 3691-4
  • Hazard assessment for AGV in the application
  • Workplace zone classification (operating zone, hazard zone, restricted zone and closed zone)
  • Protecting persons from the hazards of an AGV
  • Management of the residual risk on AGV
  • Integration and installation of the AGV
  • Use and maintenance of the AGV
  • Practical examples for safety requirements for systems

Target groups

This training is aimed in particular at AGV manufacturers, integrators and users with special responsibility for the use of AGV. Furthermore, the course is specifically geared towards persons who are responsible for machinery safety on new and existing AGV in day-to-day operations, such as:

  • Plant engineers
  • Health and safety officers
  • Project engineers
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Technical managers

Benefits to you

  • Learn the correct application and implementation of relevant standards and directives plus proven technical procedures for integrating AGV into an industrial environment
  • Manage the risk arising from the installation and application of automated guided vehicles in the production hall
  • Gain a competitive edge when using automated guided vehicle systems by applying and implementing the right safety technologies
  • Assess and evaluate your existing plant with regard to the safety of automated guided vehicle systems

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