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1 Jan. 1970

New Interfaces Double Safety Network Sizes

Just one of the compact PSS systems doubles the network extension to 7000m and also doubles the bus subscribers to 126, increasing the number of inputs and outputs to 2016. For users, this means greater flexibility and lower network costs.

The increased capacity is particularly valuable in plants with a large number of inputs and outputs, plus those spread over a wide area or with a hierarchical structure.

Compact systems are now five times quicker, thanks to faster program processing, so critical reaction times on a safety shutdown are easier to achieve. Along with the added speed comes an expanded memory and optimised diagnostics.

In addition to the two SafetyBUS p interfaces, there are also connections for Ethernet TCP/IP and/or standard fieldbus systems.

The integration of the SafetyBUS p interfaces reflects its prevalence, with an installed base of 100,000 safe network nodes in over 5000 applications, making it the global standard for safety-related networking.

For more information on Pilz SafetyBUS p products can be found here.

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