Avoiding industrial accidents through machine safety

Mar 14, 2012

Pilz experts advise on machine safety worldwide.

Safe work systems minimise risks for staff on production lines.

On production lines, there are hazards waiting in any situation where man comes into contact with machines in operation, for example on presses, destacker systems or palletisers. To minimise these hazards and promote staff safety is the number one objective of Pilz's safety services.

Accidents could have been avoided with safe work systems

Industrial accidents that result in serious injuries or, in the worst case, claim lives illustrate again and again how seriously you need to take the issue of machine safety. Recently an accident in Great Britain hit the headlines, having cost the life of an employee. According to investigations carried out by the Health and Safety Executive, it could have been avoided if the destacker system on the production line had a safe system of work in place.

Repairs to machinery present a potential hazard

In this specific case, the system did not have a safe pneumatic energy supply. When the machine became jammed the worker had opened the safety gates, which switched off the power supply but did not isolate the machine's pneumatic energy supply. This triggered the accident.

Minimising risks through integrated machine safety

A safe pneumatic energy supply or safe work system could have prevented the accident. It would have identified the risks from each individual energy source and made them safe before any employee could gain access to the enclosure containing the equipment. Safety experts know that safe isolation procedures must be developed and implemented for the respective machine before repairs can be carried out.

Many years of international expertise in the field of machine safety

Pilz has already conducted hazard assessments at many well-known companies and eliminated the danger sources. Our experience shows: it is often hard for operators to retain an overview of the risks - with machine safety, the devil is in the detail. As safety experts, not only will we work with you to develop individual safety solutions worldwide, we will also implement them for you.

Your project in safe hands

Talk to us. Our number one objective is to create a safe working environment for your staff. We can support you throughout the whole machine safety lifecycle, from the risk assessment to CE marking.


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