Oct 5, 2021

Webinar: Machine Safety - Incorporating Interlocking Switches and Other Safety Devices

Watch us now as we discuss the latest technology in interlocking switches and other machine safety devices!

Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: Free

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Webinar overview:

Ensuring employee safety and maintaining cost-effective production are always priorities for any manufacturing industry.  The requirements for safeguarding of machinery is constantly evolving, especially with the increasing use of automation. This evolution has allowed the development of numerous protective devices to be integrated into systems such that they actually assist in the productivity and are no longer thought of as a cost hinderance.This webinar will focus not only on the Standards that companies need to adhere to keep their employees safe and stay compliant but will also give examples of new technology that make it easy to implement in any industrial setting. This webinar will:

  • Review of Standards involved in machine guarding
  • Provide an understanding of the application requirements of guards/safety measures
  • Overview of machinery protective devices
  • Examples of electrical interlocks and other safety devices

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