Why does safety pay?

Get more out of your plant and machinery

These days plant and machinery are becoming ever more complex. However, they need to be safe and easy for users to operate. With the right application of safe automation technology you can achieve this goal in no time. Increase the value of your company by implementing the applicable safety requirements effectively! That way you not only protect your staff but also benefit from more efficient production. Lower costs, increased export opportunities and a better reputation within your industry are also benefits of safe automation. With our safety components, systems and services we are happy to help you design your automation solution!

More efficient production

More efficient production with Pilz

The desire for safety is a basic human need. Staff who feel safe are more productive. So it follows that safety has a long-lasting effect on the success of your company. With the optimum use of safety technology, plant and machinery is also able to run smoothly, thereby increasing production quality.

An overview of the benefits of safe automation:

  • Increase productivity – enjoy greater success with safe, efficient workflows
  • Reduce absenteeism – better health and safety protection for your staff
  • Minimise downtimes – safety systems with integrated diagnostics enable rapid troubleshooting when something goes wrong

To sum up this means: Companies that implement a rigorous safety policy have been proven to be more successful in the marketplace.

Save costs as a result of fewer accidents

Safe production with Pilz safety technology

Many accidents and their consequential costs are avoidable if targeted safety functions are incorporated from the very start. Generally only a fraction of the costs of an accident are insured; the company is left to shoulder the rest. 

Costs in production arise from material damage, damage to tools and machinery or production delays, for example. In terms of personnel you can expect absences due to illness, compensation, or costs for overtime and temporary staff. Management is also affected. Extra administration work, fines or investigations into the cause of the accident can involve additional costs.

With the optimum use of safety technology you can meet your duty of care as an employer and at the same time reduce your costs considerably.

Exporting successfully

Export successfully with Pilz

In many countries throughout the world, compliance with safety standards is prescribed by law. Become more competitive in the global market by complying with worldwide safety standards! With automation technology that complies with the applicable standards you can increase your sales and export opportunities with globally operating companies.

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