Jul 15, 2021

Ready, set, go: Safety laser scanners PSENscan make mobile applications productive!

Safety laser scanners PSENscan are not only used to safeguard automated guided vehicles (AGV) but also offer many additional benefits in production environments and intralogistics.

Exact positioning for PSENscan, saving time on restart

The safety laser scanner PSENscan reads the intensity and distance values for precise navigation to stations. If distance information is insufficient, reflectors can now be used for navigation. This enables precise positioning during navigation, when docking an AGV to a machine for the transfer of materials for example. So production quality and productivity are increased still further.

If necessary, PSENscan can switch to stand-by mode. This is an advantage, particularly on automated guided vehicles as machines can be started up more quickly. You save on costs because standby mode means reduced power consumption. A time-saving restart is also possible in conjunction with the new, automated auto reset function. PSENscan also logs error lists: these are now displayed locally on the device, enabling faster diagnostics and a rapid restart.

Laser scanner's dynamic protected fields adapt

Want to use your automated guided vehicles safely? With the safety laser scanner you have safe monitoring as well as dynamic navigation – with maximum productivity at the same time. That’s because PSENscan offers maximum safety, even when the AGV operates at varying speeds. The protected fields of the PSENscan adapt dynamically to the various speeds of the AGV. That way obstacles can be avoided with greater precision. Precise navigation and the ability to adapt to different speeds help AGV users to increase the productivity and therefore the efficiency of their plant. ROS modules enable the safety laser scanner to be integrated into your plant environment simply and quickly.

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