Sep 15, 2021

myPNOZ, by Pilz

Customize your safety relay: Save time, reduce costs – Have it all with myPNOZ!

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Imagine creating your customized safety relay in 10 minutes or less, while using only the components you need. With myPNOZ from Pilz, this has become a reality.

For nearly 4 decades, Pilz has been a leader and innovator in Machine Safety technology. Now with their revolutionary development, myPNOZ, Pilz has again broken the mold when it comes to advancing machinery safety.  Since you know your machines best, the myPNOZ allows you to customize an automated safety relay based on your specifications. 

Here’s how it works:

First, you choose the required safety functions needed for your machine. Next, the myPNOZ Creator puts the ideal hardware together…and checks it with a simulation function. Once created, it’s just a few clicks to order on the Pilz e-Shop.  Pilz will then build and test the relays, ensuring full functionality. Your myPNOZ is shipped to you as a single unit, ready to simply mount on to DIN rail, and wire into your control panel. Easy peasy!

Therefore, myPNOZ offers:
-    Time savings - reducing commissioning time
-    Reducing costs – only pay for the modules you need
-    and reducing downtime – shipped to you assembled and fully tested 

No safety relay in history has ever been as easy, customizable, or cost efficient as myPNOZ. 

Look no further than Pilz…The Spirit of Safety!

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