Guarantee lasting safety

With an inspection of safeguards by Pilz

Regular inspection of the guards on your plant will ensure that safety regulations are met and so lay the foundation for improved protection for staff and for minimising risk and liability.

Your requirements

Construction, upgrades, manipulation of safeguards or changes to work processes can all undermine the level of protection, which, if undetected, can cause considerable damage and compromise the safety of staff. In many countries it is a legal requirement to regularly inspect safety-related equipment on machinery. As machine operators you are obliged to carry out an inspection before a machine is put into service for the first time and each time it is installed in a new location. Machinery that is subjected to heavy use and is exposed to potential impairment of the safeguards must be inspected regularly. We recommend performing the inspection at least once a year.

Safeguards must be inspected regularly.

Our services

We examine all technical safeguards

We inspect all your machine’s technical safeguards with regard to installation, condition and safe function. This includes E-STOPs, safety gates, two-hand control devices as well as optoelectronic safeguards such as light curtains, laser scanners and camera-based systems. We use overrun measurements to check that specified safety distances correspond to the current condition of your machine.

Pilz's inspection of safeguards comprises:

  • Initial inspection of all technical safeguards: Proper installation, safe functioning and incorporation into the machine controller
  • Examination of the safety functions in the circuit diagram
  • Overrun measurements (to examine the safety distance specified by the manufacturer)
  • Inspection of all technical safeguards: current condition, proper installation, safe functioning
  • Handover of a detailed inspection report for the machine documentation

Accredited inspection service

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Ostfildern, operates an independent inspection body to ISO/IEC 17020, accredited by the DAkkS accreditation body. Our process for inspecting safeguards is subject to these strict stipulations. Once an inspection has been successfully completed, we apply the Pilz badge to your machine.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reliable protection for your employees and a permanent reduction in risk and liability
  • You minimise downtimes and achieve greater plant availability
  • You meet the requirements of national directives and laws (e.g. BetrSichV in Germany, use of work equipment in Austria, OSHA in the USA, PUWER in the UK, UWED in Europe).

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