Mar 17, 2022

PSENscan: Pilz has you covered!

PSENscan: maximum area protection for mobile or stationary applications

Whether you need stationary or mobile safeguarding of danger zones and access monitoring, safety laser scanners PSENscan provide the optimum solution for your application. They enable two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees. Protected fields and warning fields can be freely configured and adapted to structural conditions. As a result, PSENscan can easily be integrated into the most varied of applications.

Use the PSENscan Configurator for fast, easy configuration of all the parameters required for operation of your safety laser scanner PSENscan!

When combined with configurable small controllers PNOZmulti or the controllers PSSuniversal, you have a complete, economical, one-stop solution.

New versions for productive area monitoring
New versions of the safety laser scanner PSENscan enable even greater productivity for safe area monitoring: The 17-pin versions and ME version (master encoder) of PSENscan provide further digital inputs and outputs to implement up to 70 switchable configurations and monitor up to three separate safety zones simultaneously.

The labor and costs involved in wiring are significantly reduced thanks to fast, direct evaluation of the encoder inputs in the laser scanner. Also, thanks to the high resolution and the ability to withstand external temperature influences PSENscan is very flexible and versatile to use – whether for stationary or mobile danger zones, such as automated guided vehicles. New accessories such as the exchangeable head module and memory module support rapid commissioning and reduce downtimes to a minimum.

Productive area monitoring – including in series!
Series connection of up to four scanners in accordance with the master-subscriber principle means that you can significantly reduce your cabling and setup costs and requirements. An integrated operator display provides information directly. The exchangeable storage medium allows you to transfer your configuration at any time.

High availability thanks to fast replacement
The safety laser scanners PSENscan have an exchangeable memory module. Should a device become damaged and another laser scanner is used (same model), the configuration is simply transferred to your new device.

Simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 safety zones
With PSENscan you can monitor up to three safety zones simultaneously and independently. Only the plant section that a person accesses is stopped. As a result, safety distances on your plant can be optimized. This ensures increased productivity and improved ergonomics for your plant – with optimum safety.

Optimum protection for danger zones – with safety laser scanners
Safety laser scanners PSENscan detect when a person approaches a hazardous movement. If a warning field is accessed, there is controlled braking of the hazardous movement; if the protected field is accessed, the movement is stopped. Watch video now

Protection against encroachment from behind
Where it is difficult to see into danger zones, safety laser scanners PSENscan detect a person's current location. So they effectively prevent the hazardous movement from re-starting. Watch video now

Access guarding
The safety laser scanners PSENscan provide optimum protection against people entering at access points to danger zones. Thanks to integrated muting inputs, they are also suitable for applications in which material is transported in and out simultaneously. Watch video now

Safeguarding and dynamic navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGV)
Reliable safeguarding of automated guided vehicles (AGV) is required in order to protect people and objects from harm. The safety laser scanner PSENscan detects objects in the vehicle's path and provides maximum safety even at high speeds, without compromising productivity.

Thanks to the ROS (Robot Operating System) package, PSENscan also supports dynamic navigation of AGVs, so offering new opportunities in production logistics. As a result, multiple safety laser scanners can easily be integrated into the existing ROS environment without any additional programming.

Watch video now!

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