Dec 5, 2022

Modular safety solutions for automated guided vehicles

Safety and productivity in harmony

The Smart Factory includes production environments that are self-organising and are based on intelligent entities. Thanks to modular safety solutions for automated guided vehicle systems AGVS, it is possible to bring safety and productivity in optimum harmony for each application.

In connection with safe control technology, the safety laser scanner PSENscan takes care of safeguarding AGVS, detects objects in the vehicle's path even at high speed and prevents collisions. For example, the safety relay PNOZ safely switches the AGVS off in the case of danger and switches it back on again. If additional safety functions such as E-STOP are to be covered, there's a more flexible product solution comprising PSENscan and the modular safety relay myPNOZ, which consists of a head module with up to eight expansion modules that can be combined at will. In the corresponding online tool myPNOZ Creator, users can assemble an individual, needs-based safety solution from a wide range of options. This can be supplemented at will, should the functions be expanded in the future, and thus offers a high degree of flexibility when designing mobile applications.

We look at each application holistically and offer knowledge of the standards, services and modular product solutions to safeguard all types of automated guided vehicle systems – from track-bound to freely navigating, from simple to highly complex.

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