Lockout tagout system

Control hazardous energy safely: with the Pilz lockout/tagout system

Effective lockout/tagout with the Pilz lockout/tagout system

With a lockout/tagout (LoTo) system developed specially for your machinery, you will have a reliable solution, which your staff can use to safely control hazardous energy during repair and maintenance routines.

Your requirements

To provide staff with effective protection from hazardous energy sources you can introduce measures in the form of a LoTo system. These guarantee that machines and other work equipment are isolated from the energy supply, whether electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, etc. That way you can be assured that an unintended restart is excluded.

Our lockout/tagout analysis and procedure development are the key to safety.

Our services

We develop a detailed LoTo procedure for the respective machine, in graphic form.

The LoTo system from Pilz comprises two stages: LoTo analysis and LoTo procedure development. As part of the LoTo analysis we examine the existing documentation, such as the plant’s LoTo policies and the procedures for preventing re-energisation. This is to ensure they meet your own internal corporate requirements. Once the LoTo analysis has been successfully completed, we develop a detailed LoTo procedure for the specific machine, in graphic form. This describes the individual requirements step by step. As a result it is guaranteed that all hazardous energies are controlled through the lockout/tagout procedure.

The Pilz LoTo services include:

  • Analysis of existing plant
  • Analysis of the company’s LoTo policies
  • Analysis of existing procedures
  • Development of new procedures
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Staff training on the LoTo procedure and the identification of hazardous energy

Your benefits at a glance

  • Boost the productivity of your plant
  • Reduce downtimes on your plant, at the same time achieving optimum safety
  • You meet the various country-specific requirements or recommendations
  • Implement solutions such as the American 21 CFR 1910.147 standard or the European work equipment directives 2009/104/EC and 2006/42/EC, for example. These comply with the applicable legislation.

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