Automation solutions in primary packaging

Automation of packaging lines in primary packaging

When automating packaging lines in primary packaging, the items packaged are mainly food, drinks, pharmaceutical products or even consumer care items. In these industries in particular, the requirements for process protection and hygiene are very high, as the packaging machines and plants are constantly subjected to cleaning processes. Availability and safety are also important criteria on plant and machinery such as bottling plants, forming, filling and sealing machines, as well as in conveyor logistics. All these requirements can be met using our technologies, such as control technology, safety sensors and motion control solutions.

The focus is on automation, operator safety and the avoidance of unnecessary downtimes for your packaging machine, while maintaining maximum productivity and flexibility.

Safety and hygiene on blister packaging

The magnetic safety switch PSENmag monitors safety gates and positions in rugged industrial environments. The stainless steel housing withstands dirt and high temperatures. Deposits don’t stand a chance: covers or flaps on your machine are also protected, even following aggressive cleaning methods, such as hot steam sterilisation.

Thanks to the resistant housing, the stainless steel version of PSENmag reliably monitors even explosive environments. As a result, the robust switch with protection type IP67/IP69K and our cable - certified by ECOLAB GmbH - are ideal for the safe packaging of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Application example for safety and hygiene on blister packaging

Protection against tampering of your bottling plant

Application example for a bottling plant

The networking of IT and OT (operational technology) means that additional protection is required for your packaging machine, e.g. bottling plant. The SecurityBridge firewall protects your control network against tampering due to unauthorised access. So your machine remains safe in the event of an external attack. For example, you can connect it upstream with the configurable safe small controllers PNOZmulti 2, the automation system PSS 4000 (pictured) or any other control systems.

With the corresponding sensors from our company, such as PSENopt or the safety switch PSENcode, your bottling plant will run efficiently and be completely safe and secure.

Access management and operating mode selection on bottling plants

With the operating mode selection and access permission system PITmode, you can protect your staff from hazards and your machines from unauthorised physical access, so you benefit from safety and security functions in one system.

With the reader unit PITreader you can protect HMI panels, for example, from unwanted access and replace insecure passwords. You can even control access via safety gates, such as those used on bottling plants, with individual permissions for each transponder key.

With bottling or packaging processes it is often necessary to switch between different operating modes, such as automatic or service mode for example. PITmode flex and PITmode flex visu enable operating mode selection in combination with the small controller PNOZmulti 2 or the automation system PSS 4000, via pushbuttons such as the PIT oe 4s or via touch input on a PMIvisu Panel. PITmode fusion with the separate evaluation unit (PIT m4SEU) is used if a third-party controller is used.

Application example for a bottling plant with operating mode selection

Safety on forming, filling and sealing machines

Application example for forming, filling and sealing machines

Particularly with automated packaging processes, such as forming, filling and sealing, motion control systems with strict positioning accuracy and drive synchronisation requirements are key. High speeds on the packaging material's rollers and paper feeders, for example, mean that a high level of safety is essential for the operator. Thanks to safe motion – drive-integrated safety PMCprotego DS – safety is available directly within the drive controller, so saving space and providing a wide range of safety and motion monitoring functions.

Our space-saving servo motors PMCprotego SZ perform all the motion tasks, so rounding off the complete motion control solution.

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