Training courses on plant and machinery safety

Plant safety is vitally important for the safe operation of technical plants. As a machine manufacturer or operator you are legally obliged to ensure the safety of plant, machinery and devices. Training teaches you to identify risks and avoid accidents. Further training for safety officers and employees is the key to success here. With this knowledge you can operate plants more efficiently and safely carry out maintenance work. By integrating plant safety into your company you are demonstrating responsibility and increasing the confidence of authorities, employees and the public. Plant safety also contributes towards the prevention of environmental pollution and damage.

We offer a comprehensive range of further training on specialist knowledge for normative and legal requirements in machinery safety – from functional safety to Industrial Security. We also offer training on products and technologies in relevant sectors of automation technology for practical professional application of Pilz product solutions.

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Machinery Regulation made simple: Our training offer is now adapted to the requirements of the new Machinery Regulation. Use the time to acquire the knowledge you need. Whether it’s a fundamental or an expert course – with Pilz, you always have your finger on the pulse.

Training adapted to the requirements of the Machinery Regulation

Customised qualifications for plant safety

Pilz training icon – Various levels of difficulty of the Pilz training courses

For even greater success through professional development, the content and structure of our courses are designed to be optimised for your personal qualification route. That's why our courses are divided into four levels – from introductory level to expert certification.

Training tailored to your needs

Our training offer around the world

An increasingly networked world places new demands on automation and those who work with it. Our subsidiaries all over the world support you with training at the same level globally and in your local language. Of course, our training courses consider not just international norms and standards but also national requirements for machinery safety: that way you are always on the safe side, anywhere in the world!

All international training courses are displayed in the global section of the website. If you have selected a country, all national and international training courses in this country will be displayed.

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Online and in-person formats

Our learning formats include courses in the e-Learning format, to provide an overview for independent learning, as well as online courses in live format, where you can participate from anywhere in the world. Our in-person training courses provide intensive learning and industry networking at our sites, or we are happy to come to your premises.

Pilz training portfolio: For greater safety

Improve your technical knowledge and stay up to date on all aspects of machinery safety, Industrial Security on the machine and special technical training on product applications. Capitalise on our expertise and customise your individual training programme with individual courses from our portfolio.

Benefits of Pilz training:

  • Fast, targeted knowledge acquisition for personal development
  • International trainers with many years of practical experience
  • Always the very latest know-how for sustainable learning success
  • Customised learning, from training for beginners through to personal TÜV certification
  • Industry networking and personal exchange with our team of trainers and specialist community
  • Practical knowledge transfer for plant safety
  • Our courses cover a wide range of subjects

Further your training now and make your company safer!

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