The name’s Pilz: James Pilz! – Training agent 13849-1

Dec 15, 2011

The new training film is ready! What's special about it: The main roles are played by Pilz staff.

Our new training film "James Pilz – Training agent 13849-1" had its official premiere on 15 December in Ostfildern. The film is an in-house production: all the characters are played by Pilz staff. The script was created in co-operation with Weilerfilm.

Film content

The training film shows what the Pilz training department has to offer in an informative, entertaining way: a training programme designed for all safety missions, covering machine safety, Pilz products or customised services tailored to meet your needs.

Pilz staff play all the roles

A total of 19 people came along to the internal casting session in Ostfildern – ultimately 5 people were chosen from various departments, ranging from IT to development, production and marketing. Many other departments at Pilz Ostfildern were also actively involved in creating the film. The test bay and system test departments, for example, not only made their rooms and laboratories available but also assembled some really effective test rigs. General Managers from a range of countries also appeared in the film.

We would like to thank all those who contributed for their active involvement and fantastic commitment!

View film online

You can now see the training film online; perhaps you'll recognise some faces!