1 Jan 1970

Safety messages to make you smile

The HSE has recently added to its website some extracts from an animated video that uses humour to get across a series of messages about health and safety.

These video clips are based around a character known as Napo and only take a few minutes to watch, yet they will probably make you smile and take note of the underlying messages.

And if you want to see more, there is a DVD - from which the clips have been taken - that can be purchased from HSE Books. The title of the DVD is 'Bring a smile to safety training' (ISBN 0717662187). It lasts 58 minutes and includes five films:

  • The adventures of …Napo
  • Best signs story …safety signs at work
  • Scratch and sniff – chemical risks at work
  • Clean sweep
  • Stop that noise

The DVD costs £25 and it can be understood by anyone, regardless of the language they speak, as it does not use dialogue, only occasional sound effects. The five films on the DVD were produced by a consortium consisting of the HSE and other European organisations.

To find out more about the DVD and to view the extracts, visit the HSE website.


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