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Place your trust in the technology leader for safe automation when automating your plant and machinery and provide not only a complete, but also safe solution for your employees worldwide. Write your own success story with us!

We work with our customers to develop sophisticated automation concepts that harmonise safety and productivity – from advice to the complete solution, exactly to customer specifications, without compromising on automation.

Here you'll find some examples of our best success stories, sorted by industry and products.

Success stories
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Logo L-TEC GmbH

Safe lift, up hill and down dale

In the outdoor cabin lifts from L-TEC, PNOZmulti provides safe transport management for passenger transportation worldwide.

“Customer reference: PNOZmulti manages safe journeys with L-TEC outdoor lifts worldwide”

Press line retrofit is textbook

A safety upgrade on a press line at the Austrian firm Grass GmbH provides new process stability when forming steel.

“Customer reference: PNOZmulti 2, PSENcode and PITgatebox provide a new level of safety on an overhauled press line”

All fired up for safety

Small controller PNOZmulti 2 Burner establishes efficient burner management in roller hearth furnaces for steel production, from Aksoylar.

“Customer reference: PNOZmulti 2 Burner undertakes burner management in roller hearth furnaces from Aksoylar Robotik”
NÖM AG logo

Configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 at NÖM

Small controller PNOZmulti 2 replaces the obsolete muting solution in the dairy palletising system at NÖM, practically as the operation is running

Customer reference: PNOZmulti 2 provides safe infeed and outfeed of goods at NÖM.

Access permission system PITreader S: Application at HT Robotics

For a mobile robot station, HT Robotics wanted to ensure that only three authorised user groups gain access to the application – the access permission system PITreader S is the solution here!

Customer reference: Safe access control for mobile tool station from HT Robotics

PITmode fusion: Application at MTU Aero Engines

Rhode + Wagner was looking for an efficient, tamper-proof safety solution that manages access and operating modes for its extensive crack testing machine – and opted for PITmode fusion.

Customer reference: Identification and Access Management on crack testing machines from Rhode + Wagner
Logo PJ Monitoring GmbH

Hammer blow replaced by smart automation

The system specialist PJM brought control intelligence from Pilz on board, to develop an automatic brake test on freight carriages. The result offers greater efficiency in rail freight transport.

Customer reference: Automatic brake test on freight trains with PSS 4000
Logo Waldorf Technik GmbH

Comprehensive advice = high efficiency

The core competency of the injection moulding specialist Waldorf Technik is modular, efficient and highly productive automation solutions, which are tailored exactly to the customer's requirements and offer maximum safety. The CE mark is essential for these modular machines. Waldorf commissioned Pilz to implement the regulated, demanding risk assessment and validation process: as a services expert, Pilz takes responsibility for the whole conformity procedure. 

Customer reference: Pilz undertakes the entire conformity procedure at Waldorf Technik
Logo Haco AG

Future-proof labelling!

The food manufacturer Haco AG simply wanted to integrate a new labelling laser into an existing coffee filling line – without long downtimes. However, the installed safety relay could not be expanded any further. After a short conversion phase, the modular safety relay myPNOZ provided a future-proof replacement.

Customer reference: Modular safety relay myPNOZ optimises the Haco filling line
Logo Brau Union Österreich

Retrofit knowledge tapped

As part of comprehensive retrofit measures, a barrel cleaning and filling plant at Brau Union in Wieselburg was to be upgraded to the state of the art. As an automation expert with many years of retrofit expertise, Pilz acted as partner: from an analysis of potential hazard points through to safety-related validation in accordance with international safety directives. Today, the plant meets all the current regulations with regard to safety.


Make way for a reliable points controller

Obsolete points controllers were slowing down the urban trains and trams in five of Poland's major cities. ZUE S.A. was responsible for the modernisation measures. The aim: To convert a points controller system to the state of the art. In doing so, the automation system PSS 4000 assumes reliable control of the points in all weathers.

Control points safely and reliably using the automation system PSS 4000

New safety for the Master!

In order to be able to continue to offer high quality in the future, the Austrian machine builder Advanced Engineering also adapted its safety concept as part of its modernisation of the electrical and control technology of the whole machine portfolio. Even on the Peelmaster sheet remover, established back in 1997, the new type of myPNOZ safety relay is the safety component at the heart of the modernisation solution.

Customer reference: Modular safety relay myPNOZ establishes new safety standard at Advanced Engineering

Safety for press, human and robot!

The new pre-assembled, tailor-made safety relay myPNOZ gave automation service provider Peter Huber AG a simple way of making the interface between bending machine and robot safe for a kitchen fittings manufacturer. Today, after revising the safety concept, the bending machine can be loaded safely both manually and via robot.

Customer reference: Modular safety relay myPNOZ as interface between bending machine and robot

This tray former is only open for efficiency

Cardboard blanks as a movable guard? Sounds imaginative, but it only works on tray formers if operators are not endangered when the material infeed runs empty. On the tray formers from Sema Systemtechnik, this is taken care of by a TÜV SÜD-certified solution with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 and special sensors.

Customer reference: TÜV SÜD-certified solution for safe monitoring of the cardboard feed at Sema Systemtechnik
Belantis logo

Retrofit in a flash

In Leipzig's Belantis amusement park, riders on the “Götterflug” can decide themselves whether they want to glide calmly through the air or enjoy a thrill-packed ride with sensational loops. Of course: the rides must go hand in hand with maximum safety. That's why, when it came to the retrofit, Belantis relied on a complete solution comprising the automation system PSS 4000, including an innovative wireless link.

Customer reference: Retrofit of the BELANTIS “Götterflug” flight carousel using the automation system PSS 4000

Good luck! – Safety for underground mining

For Sandvik Mining and Construction GmbH - from Styria, Austria - safety is the number one priority: continuous mining machines, among others, must be reliably protected from potential explosions. For this Sandvik relies on the automation system PSS 4000. It ensures that tunnel boring machines can be used underground without risk.

Customer reference: Sandvik Mining and Construction G.m.b.H. with PSS 4000
Logo Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH

Sustainable safety solution perfect for parquet manufacturer

The Austrian prefabricated parquet manufacturer, Schleucher Parkett, retrofitted one of its existing milling machines. Now it is well and safely equipped for the next ten years. What's more, it is significantly more energy efficient and therefore more sustainable. It was important to Scheucher that planning and implementation, plus the adopted solution, was one-stop, as well as environmentally and resource friendly.

Customer reference: Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH with PSENmlock, PSENopt II and PITgatebox
Logo Brainware Solutions GmbH

Economical test systems: No Stop, just go!

High-end systems from Brainware Solutions examine quality characteristics and functions on door trims and are an integral component on production lines in the automotive industry. Zero errors and time are the key factors here. Use of the safety laser scanner PSENscan, combined with the safe configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2, offers effective protection with minimum test time.

Customer reference: Brainware Solutions GmbH with PSENscan and PNOZmulti 2
ArcelorMittal logo

More productive, hard as steel!

As the world's leading steel producer, steel giant ArcelorMittal focuses on the very latest production technologies. The aim is to make its own production processes permanently safer and more efficient. The plant in Ghent is used to refine steel coils (strip steel rolls) in accordance with customers’ requirements. However, to enable the steel strip to be cold-formed, it must first be heat treated. Significant downtimes and exhausting troubleshooting were the rule when the burners failed. After the retrofit, the automation system PSS 4000 now guarantees smooth and productive operation, due also to accelerated fault diagnostics, among other things.

Customer reference: Automation system for optimised burner management at ArcelorMittal
Logo PIA Automation

Productivity boost for rotary indexing tables

To overhaul its servo-driven rotary indexing table, the Compact Basic Machine that produces filigree mechanics, PIA Automation wanted a solution that not only monitored the movements safely but at the same time enabled higher cycle counts. The rotary indexing tables now run more safely, more efficiently and with greater flexibility with the drive solution from Pilz.

Customer reference PIA Automation with Pilz Motion Control
EuroChem logo

Danger clearly identified!

An extensive network of conveyors and lifts is used to transport products at fertiliser producer EuroChem's bulk cargo port in Antwerp. The interlinked element is a gigantic conveyor, which also operates as a sorting system. The challenge here is the harsh environment: the extremely dusty discharge points must be cleaned regularly, so the machine area must always be easily accessible to operators. At the same time there must be adequate protection for the operator, as the belt tripper weighs several tonnes and is always in motion, presenting a high safety risk. Today, the safe radar system PSENradar ensures that safe, efficient workflows are guaranteed, even under these extreme (visibility) conditions.

Customer reference: Safe radar system PSENradar safely overcomes the dustiest of environments at EuroChem

Production's rolling!

When exchanging paper reels weighing hundreds of kilos to produce corrugated boards at Austrian cardboard packaging manufacturer Mosburger GmbH, the risk potential for the operator was high because the process requires manual intervention. To reduce this risk to a minimum, Mosburger relies on a comprehensive safety solution comprising the automation system PSS 4000 and the safety gate switch PSENcode.

Customer reference: Safe, automated production of corrugated board, despite the unusual setup at Mosburger GmbH

Flexible safeguarding of special purpose machinery

Before a new assembly cell for shock absorbers was due to go into operation at a well-known car manufacturer's, the special-purpose machinery manufacturer HAHN Automation needed a sophisticated safety concept. As a long-time partner, Pilz used the risk assessment as a basis for developing a flexible solution to safeguard the assembly cell; a solution that could be transferred to other plants.

Customer reference Hahn Automation with the configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 and sensor technology PSEN
Logo Bühler Group

Bake delicious wafers safely, all over the world!

According to industry insiders, every second wafer manufactured industrially worldwide is baked using a Franz Haas wafer machine from Bühler. As a result, all customised plants must be highly flexible and, above all, meet all country-specific safety standards. That’s why the Austrian wafer machine specialist relies on the burner version of the configurable safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 to safely control and monitor its ovens

Customer reference for the safe, total burner control solution at Bühler Group with PNOZmulti 2

Clearing the way for cylinder production

54 plants are to be modernised, to upgrade Vaillant’s production of hot water storage cylinders to state-of-the-art electrical and safety technology. The safety design for cylinder production was to incorporate a barrier-free solution for two older production lines, combining safety with efficiency. The loading and unloading area presented a challenge, as it was to be free of any disruptive structures.

Customer reference Vaillant with the safety light curtain PSENopt II
Logo Micado

Custom-fit safety for prototypes!

Micado is a supplier of automated solutions focusing on tailor-made, innovative customer applications. That’s why Macado used the new type of modular safety relay myPNOZ for the safety technology on a prototype inline measurement system – even before it was officially launched!

Tailor-made customer solution at Micado with the new type of safety relay myPNOZ
Senoplast logo

Thermoforming within the safe zone

Senoplast Klepsch manufactures plastic semi-finished products for a range of different applications. A core business area for the Austrian company Senoplast Klepsch is the manufacture of co-extruded senosan® plastic sheets and films for thermoforming. For a smooth-running deep drawing process Senoplast Klepsch relies on the safe radar system PSENradar, which in this case safeguards the production process in an “unorthodox” manner. The focus in production is among other things on quality and safety: the safe radar system was incorporated into the existing controller on the forming machine in order to protect human and machine.

Customer reference, Senoplast Klepsch with the safe radar system PSENradar
Bystronic logo

Press braking made safe, productive and simple!

For years Bystronic has been using the camera-based protection and measurement system PSENvip in conjunction with the automation system PSS 4000 to guarantee a safe, efficient bending process. For another solution particularly on shorter length press brakes, the aim was to achieve maximum productivity and maximum safety combined with simple operation.

To create the perfect illusion for the Ehrlich Brothers it takes not just the professionalism of the two artists but also complex stage and event technology. Safety plays a big role too

Magic application for light curtain – Clear the stage!

The Ehrlich Brothers regularly captivate their audience with mesmerising illusions in their shows. The interaction between magic and technology must operate smoothly and safely in all processes without exception. Flexible Type 3 light curtains PSENopt II from Pilz direct the technology in the action area to ensure the moving camera at the edge of the stage is monitored safely.

Magic application for light curtains with the Ehrlich Brothers
Logo VT AG

Generic controller for various types of points

The Swiss company VT Verkehrs- und Industrietechnik AG (VT AG), experts in track and points construction, were faced with the task of modernising the central control and monitoring system for eight points of varying types. They worked with Pilz to develop a generic solution based on the automation system PSS 4000-R for railway applications. The result is a centralised controller for all types of points.

Generic controller for various types of points
Marelec logo

Food portioning in accordance with PL e

The Belgian machine builder Marelec develops machinery for portioning processes, in which meat or fish is sliced into portions of an exact, specified weight. These machines from the “Portio” series have a minimum of 17 cutting movements per second. To ensure they are not only highly productive but also safe, Pilz developed an appropriate safety concept to Performance Level PL e.


Greater efficiency for the tortilla chip production line

The Belgian snack food manufacturer Poco Loco – one of the market leaders in Tex Mex products – decided to modernise its plants to increase the efficiency of its production lines and thereby optimise its processes. The configurable small controller PNOZmulti 2 and corresponding software tool PNOZmulti Configurator is an efficient and safe solution at Poco Loco.

Bombardier logo

Stress-free test conditions for new trains

The Canadian Bombardier group builds trains in the Belgian city of Bruges. Before the trains can be incorporated into the international rail network there are some functional and electrical tests they need to pass. In high-voltage test cages, Bombardier tests more than 5,000 connection points per train under 1,000 Volt high voltage. Pilz is responsible for development and implementation of the necessary safety concept.

Stress-free test conditions for new trains
Travel safely with the PSS 4000-R

Reliable, remote monitoring of railways

The railway station and signal boxes are where all the threads converge: the process must run smoothly so that trains and passengers arrive at their destination safely and on time. To guarantee this, the Swiss railway pioneer Intelis IED worked with Pilz to develop a module for the safe implementation of shunting operations, based on the automation system PSS 4000-R.

Travel safely with the PSS 4000-R
Logo Herbst Maschinentechnik GmbH

Safety gate solution keeps the flaps closed

Some fundamental framework conditions had changed shortly before the delivery date, so the safety concept for a horizontal mixer had to be adapted as quickly as possible. Within a few days, Pilz worked with special purpose machinery manufacturer Herbst to incorporate the safety gate system PSENmlock, which meets the new requirements.

Safe guard locking with PSENmlock
Logo ACMI S.p.A.

Avoiding risks during bottle filling

There are many individual steps behind the bottling of mineral water. To determine which risks are possible when operating the plant and which protective measures are necessary, ACMI, manufacturer of complete end-of-line systems and packaging machinery, consulted with its long-standing partner Pilz.

Risk assessment for packaging machines
Logo Seilbahn Zugspitze

Safety and automation for the Zugspitze cable car

In cooperation with FREY AG, Pilz developed a safe automation solution for the “Zugspitze cable car”, a solution that controls the whole cable car system. The decisive factor for choosing this solution was that the automation system PSS 4000 can control both safety and automation functions.

Complete solution with PSS 4000
Logo Wächter Packautomatik GmbH & Co. KG

Clever folding with PSENslock and PNOZmulti 2

Flexibility, efficiency and safety are indispensable in the packaging industry, particularly in end-of-line processes. When developing a case erector for cartons, Wächter Packautomatik deliberately chose Pilz. With the PNOZmulti 2 and PSENslock all the requirements for the applications were met.

Efficient duo PNOZmulti 2 & PSENslock
SRW Automation & Service Logo

Safe procedures with safety light curtains PSENopt II

SRW opted for a barrier-free safety solution from Pilz in two different plants: Type 3 light curtains PSENopt II safeguard the process on a cartoner filling station, which erects cartons fed in via conveyor technology and then has a robot stack them in transport containers.

Barrier-free solution with Type 3 PSENopt II
Logo Xactools GmbH

Pilz servo amplifier for all drives

Xactools specialises in automated special solutions in infeed technology, palletising and measurement technology. With the universal servo amplifier PMCtendo DD5 from Pilz and a Profinet connection the company can control all the motors quickly, precisely and easily.

Powerful controllers for all drives
Schweizer Electronic logo

Move locomotives safely with the automation system PSS 4000

The railway technology specialist Schweizer Electronic AG offers innovative solutions to safeguard construction sites, level crossings, and radio remote control systems for locomotives. For the remote control of a freight train locomotive from Bombardier the automation system PSS 4000-R(ail), acts as an interface between receiver and locomotive control system, checking the signals for feasibility and consistency, and ensuring the required safety in accordance with SIL3.

Safeguarding the railways with PSS 4000
De Lijn logo

Metro more punctual thanks to the automation system PSS 4000

Transport operator De Lijn runs the metro network in the Belgian metropolis of Antwerp. At the intersection point of three metro lines under the heart of the city, the SIL 4-capable industry-proven automation system PSS 4000 is replacing the obsolete control technology. The modernisation was carried out step by step without any interruption to ongoing operation.

More on the automation system for rail operations
Logo Adolf Brodbeck GmbH + Co. KG

Reproducible automation solution

In new developments as in retrofits, the engineering company Brodbeck values safety solutions and components from Pilz, which can be transferred to several plants. For example the control system PNOZmulti 2, the safety gate system PSENmlock and the coded safety switch PSENcode.

Reproducible automation and safety solutions

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