ROS: Robot Operating System

Design robotics to be open!

ROS, the Robot Operating System, is an open source framework for writing software for robotics applications.

ROS offers enormous flexibility and shows its strengths particularly in dynamic environments, for example when navigating automated guided vehicles (AGV), gripping objects or avoiding collisions.

The completed ROS packages contain defined functionalities as well as drivers and are made available to users via a shared community. This may be a path planning function, for example, which you easily adapt into a pick-and-place application. The individual ROS packages are modular and therefore highly versatile. They are also compatible with the hardware of various manufacturers.

ROS: Robot Operating System

ROS by Pilz

To guarantee the highest quality standard for our Pilz ROS modules, the software is developed and tested to proven Pilz standards and to the industrial quality requirements of the ROS Industrial Consortium. So you always have high-quality ROS packages that simplify system integration: well documented and with supporting tutorials!

Open and user-friendly

ROS is ideally suitable for users without expert knowledge of programming. In this modular approach, different ROS packages can be combined for an application. This offers extremely high flexibility when designing your robotics application. Openness is guaranteed with the cross-manufacturer open source framework.



ROS hotline

Have we caught your interest? Just contact us! Staff on our international hotline will be happy to advise you on ROS and your individual requirements at We look forward to hearing from you!

ROS Wiki and download

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A detailed description of the available Pilz ROS packages can be found on the ROS Wiki.

Pilz ROS Wiki PSENscan

To make integration easier, our ROS packages can be installed directly from ROS. All packages are also available as source code on GitHub.

Download PSENscan


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